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  • This plugin is like democracy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Mostly it doesnt. Shame.
  • Doesn't do anything. When the timer gets to zero, no sound. When the alarm time passes, no sound. No animation, nothing. It will let me set up as many alarms and timers as I like but none of them make any sound. All the of the alarm options play for me when selecting the sounds, but when the timer/alarm is up, nothing happens.
  • Extremely light and easy to use!
  • very nice, i will start use it on monday :) in return I invite you to try my own FocusJUMP : https://sebastienaubry.pagesperso-orange.fr/focusjump/
  • Good addon but now have some bugs on my browser. Alarms not work. Firefox 67.0.2
  • all good, thanks (windows 10, firefox)
  • Everyday I have to reset the alarms from on to off then back on again before it works right.
  • keep going
    best addon
  • Only worked the first time...
  • At first it looks fine, but in fact the the timer is stuck to one tab, so if you switch tab or close the tab that you started the timer with, it will break the whole thing.
  • Yuck.
    More detailed review: no auto-renew timer feature. this is not for productivity. i have no idea what it's for.