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Hi Dave,

It's needless to say how amazing is your work!
I just would like to propose you some ideas i have and report a possible problem.

- As you know, this extension is very complicated, demanding of the user to study on it, to
be able understand how it works, all its features and functionalities and then personalize it.
Well, after all that, with a simple click (intentionally or accidentally) can destroy everything!
I'm referring to "Restore Defaults" button.
In my opinion, a warning/confirmation message would be invaluable.
Additionally, a import/export settings functionality would be also very convenient,
for backup purposes and when someone has many computers or firefox profiles and would
like to apply easily his personal scheme on Tile Tabs (with so many settings..).

- The new option "Save Pins", shouldn't be better "Save Pinned or Pinnings or Pin state"?

- The new option "Open link above/below if no existing layout", should be more clear on what
exactly means, what is the logic of this function (above/below).
I made experiments until i realize that when the option "Open link in previous tile" is
unchecked, then the link will open below.
In other words, it's not obvious the dependence between these two options.
But also, why below and not next, according to the default layout ("2 Tabs - Vertical") or
according to what the user has specified as the default layout??
I think that you have to clarify all these.

- In v9.0, the option "Open In Next Tile:" does not work correctly or has not the expected
behaviour in my opinion, at least like was in previous version of Tile Tabs.
When the modifier key in "Open In Next Tile:" is set to "(none)", all the options below are
ignored and the extension affects the default behaviour of firefox, creating always a new
layout to open the middle-clicked link within a tile.
In previous version of Tile Tabs, outside of an active layout or in a non tiled tab, the behaviour
on middle-clicked links was firefox's default, even when the modifier key was set to "(none)".
So, i consider this as a problem, because some users (like me) might prefer to not make
use of a modifier key on middle-clicked links, within a Tile Tab's active layout or not.


Don't forget to notify your translators before you publish a new version if there are new or
modified strings!
Is ugly a interface with a mix of languages :-)

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