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This is the best addon I could find to split tabs on the screen. It does this well, but the controls are not particularly user friendly. I end up having to navigate to a menu, a submenu, and a sub-submenu to get anything done. The toolbar button is not very useful to me. I also notice that at least one option in that button is not available in the addon's options window.

So I'd love to see this work with a lot less clicking.


I appreciate the developer's response below, but I already knew all that. We should work on the assumption that I've read the instructions and looked through the addon carefully, rather than assume I don't know what I'm doing.

The core problem is that "their way" of using the browser is not flexibile enough to accommodate me, the end user. All this shift/click/drag stuff gets REALLY confusing if you are already using mouse gestures for other browser functions. If someone wants to memorize this stuff, that's fine for them, but I don't want to. So the only option remaining for me is to click through all the menus and submenus.

Let me be constructive here: My approach would be to include a few extra toolbar buttons with the addon, for functions like tiling the current tab or opening a new tiled tab. Just let the user drag the button(s) he wants onto the toolbar and ignore all the stuff he doesn't want. Much simpler, no?

Anyway, I'm still making use of this addon, so it's not exactly a disaster!

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Tile Tabs does work with a lot less clicking

Tile Tabs has many features and options, which if used correctly will considerably reduce the amount of clicking, most importantly:

• Shift+Drag a link or tab onto an existing tile's contents to open the link's or tab's URL in a new tile.

Other examples are:

• Ctrl+Drag a link or a tab onto an existing tile's contents to open the link's or tab's URL in the existing tile.
• Shift+Click on a tab to assign the tab to the active tile.
• Ctrl+Middle-Click on a link a in tiled tab to open the link in the "next" tile in the group (to the right or below).
• Use the drop-down menu on the Properties popup to assign a tab to the active tile.
• Set the default layout to a user-defined layout and then use the toolbar button to open the default layout.

Also, try automatic assignment of tabs - for a better browsing experience - by enabling these options:

• Assign to active tile when untiled tab selected
• Assign another tab when tiled tab closed

All of these features are described on the add-ons homepage on the Mozilla Add-ons website.