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  • It doesn't work and the lazy creator does nothing to fix it.
  • It doesn't work. Images doesn't zoom when I hover. I tried it with google images and Amazon. Uninstalled it.
  • I do not see eBay on the list of sites this app works for.
  • Ik gebruik Debian en in mijn desktop werkt het totaal niet.
  • This is a great app. But in Firefox 47, it no longer works. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Nothing in Facebook!
  • Рекомендую!
  • Sobald man mit dem Mauszeiger auf irgendein Bild zeigt vergrößert sich automatisch das Foto und es spart einem wirlich was! Alle anderen Addons können das NICHT!
  • Like your plugin. Thank you!
  • Excellent features. Works great.
  • Works good on my windows machines. Doesn't work on Linux (Ubuntu 12.10).
  • no funciona ya la opcion de "guardar la imagen ampliada como"
  • Saludos hermano desde México, te comento que desde hace tiempo tengo un problema, cuando copio texto en Firefox este texto permanece en el portapapeles mientras Firefox está abierto, una vez cerrado los datos copiados se pierden como pasa en la navegación privada.Buscando la posible extensión que daba el problema me di cuenta que al desactivar ThumbnailZoom se arreglaba.Comprobé este problema instalando y desinstalando ThumbnailZoom en un perfil nuevo.Este problema incluso está presente en la extensión Thumbnail Zoom Plus, desconozco la razón supongo que se basan en el mismo código fuente.Este problema sucede en Windows (XP, 7), no lo he probado en otros sistemas.Saludos hermano, espero que esta info ayude a mejorar tu extensión, la cual es enormemente genial, gracias.
  • Hello, so I am trying to use this extension but as of right now it does not work for me. I have only tested it on Facebook. The images in my news feed do not zoom in (like the Google Chrome extension). Only peoples profile pictures in the news feed zoom in.

    So if you could update it so that we are able to zoom in on ANY picture (like Google Chrome's extension) then I will update my rating to 5 stars.

    Thank you! Looking forward to a quick response!
  • Funciona barbaro. Ademas, muestra el movimiento en los gifs. Excelente!!!
  • I love thumbnail zoom because some pictures are so teeny tiny, you can't see them.
    With Thumbnail Zoom all I have to do is hover my mouse over the picture and it zooms in so I can see the picture so much larger.
    I think this is a great App.
    Thanks so much for coming up with this.
  • gets really old having to restart firefox because this plugin stops working correctly. half the time when I hover of an image, the enlarged version has a lot of white space below it. this makes it so the larger image isn't really any bigger than the thumbnail. needs a major overhaul.
  • Doesn't work for google images (classic view) and that was all that I wanted it for.
  • Really a very strong and funny add-ons for firefox to enjoy to see photos. Great and awesome. I like it and love it too much, I am using it since 2 years ago and a regular user. I think this is the best add-ons to view real size photo of facebook and tweeter ever without any clicking on the picture and quickly. Everybody should use it to get real fun.
  • useful tool when you find a image.
  • Tired of clicking first on a picture to see it fully? There's an add-on available to solve this problem. Thumbnail Zoom is one of the best add-on you'll experience the best. It makes thumbnails to zoom even you don't click on them. Recommended for easy browsing.
  • If I click on an image while the preview is still loading, the next time I want to preview and image it just shows a vertical line...
    I switched to Thumbnail Zoom Plus...
    Works flawlessly!
  • It needs more zoom, it only duplicates the image with a little or no zoom at all. It's not useful to me.
  • Was hoping for Hover Zoom like Chrome has, works on all sites. Oh well.
  • It just opens a little bigger version of thumbnail.So it not usefull for Facebook...but Its great on DeviantArt :)