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every time i right-click over an image, the option to "save enlarged image as" appears a second late, bumping the other options up a notch which makes it frustrating to use when making a quick selection.

and although there were options to time the appearance of the thumbnail preview, the extension still seemed to get in the way using Google Images.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons ( abgegeben. 

Try the new beta

You should find that the new 1.6.1beta8 works better. In this version, Thumbnail Zoom Plus won't show new pop-ups when you scroll in sites like Google Images, so you won't need to set a long "Delay before displaying image" (which was contributing to the "Save enlarged image as" problem). A bug related to the "Save" menu item in beta5 is also fixed.

Note that in the beta you can also save by pressing the "s" key while the popup is displayed (instead of using the menu item).

Thanks for the feedback,