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  • I can increase the font size, but not the line spacing so the lines are jammed in close together. Now I can't simply type in an email address to auto complete. Am I doing something wrong?
  • I'm not sure how to rate this add-on.
    It used to work and was great, but now that I have re-installed Thunderbird I can't use it as an extension anymore. It simply won't show up next to the menu.
  • Thank you so much Steve for the clear explanations and the procedure to keep enjoying this great add-on for people like me using various screen sizes and devices. I get the right font size in two clicks! Too bad Baris Derin did not bother to make the adjustment himself, he is still to be commended for offering this great feature to the community.
  • I'm disappointed by seeing people giving so many one-star reviews for something that is so easily fixed. We should be congratulating the author for this great plugin, without which TB would be completely unusable for many of us. Please use this workaround for the date checking issue rather than forking the add-on.

    Here is how to fix the date check issue in the official release:
    - download the "xpi" file for the latest TFSC release.
    - change the file suffix from xpi to zip
    - unpack the zip file into a work directory
    - in your work directory there will be a file called "bootstrap.js". In that file, search for a function called "compile:function()". Comment out the line that begins with "if(new Date().getTime()".
    - Save your changed bootstrap.js
    - zip the contents of your work directory into a new .zip file. Note that you need to zip the contents of the work directory, not the directory itself.
    - change the suffix of your new zip file to xpi.
    - install your xpi file as a thunderbird add-on.
    - set automatic updates to off for your new version
  • Type "Theme Font" into the search box and choose the 3rd one: Theme Font & Size Changer (fixed) by Bzzz. It's the same AddOn but without the 90-day kill switch code.
  • That's all I have to say.
  • it sucks w/o TF. Baris Derin is silent.
  • Great addon except when it expires every 90 days and fix is not implemented right away. Tiny font is tough on my eyes and sanity!

    Found a fix by another user that works and does not expire. check out wanhunglo dot com for their post about this addon and their fix for it. works for me on both mac and windows.
  • Font became tiny and it's impossible to use the program. No way to change font since last update almost half a year ago .
  • A great add-on when it works. But the original add-on failed due to a date expiration, and next one failed 3 months later apparently for the same reason. Avoid the aggravation and install the non add-on fix from Mr. Bob. Simple and easy fix with no date expiration. Have used on 2 TB accounts on 2 Win 10 laptops with no issues. Font size is now adjustable again. Thanks Mr. Bob!
  • Baris Derin where are you???
  • After downloading and adding this add-on, it is listed in both Firefox and Thunderbird as being enabled, but there is no place to actually find and work with the add-on i.e. change the application (NOT the message composition) font sizes. If I can't solve this problem real soon, I'll have to kick both Firefox and Thunderbird through the goalpost of life - can't read the toolbar and message pane script in Thunderbird. Apparently the default download for Thunderbird for the latest Windows 10 is a32-bit version 52.7.0 with which nothing seems to work properly and for the default 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows 10 called "Quantum," this add-on doesn't work. Please don't bother flaming me for these comments. I do know what I'm talking about
  • Addon breaks regularly rendering TB unusable because of the tiny fonts. I URGE ANYONE TO GO https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=570442 REGISTER AND UPVOTE THE BUG/COMMENT SO THAT THUNDERBIRD ADDS A FONT INCREASE OPTION BY DEFAULT
  • Your font size on Thunderbird is unusable. Wake up or piss off altogether you bunch of nerds
  • Noticed, as others did that it stopped working again. I uninstalled the add-on and reinstalled the patched xpi we made from happyone back in Jan and the menu is back. Just need to keep automatic updates off and remember to update the addons you want yourself.

    I still prefer the addon since it has more controls over the manual hack.
  • Thanks Mr Bob. Worked a treat.
  • Unfortunately this add-on stops working every 90 days or so, so has become problematic for me. However I have done what Mr. Bob suggested and that works fantastic. 5 stars for Mr. Bob!
  • Mr Bob's instructions is working Tank you mr Bob
  • After adding it to Thunderbird, Theme Font & Size Changer, doesn't appear in toolbar or anywhere else.
  • again not working correctly. Why - I don't know.
    And I'm tired of this crap.
    Why isn't there any alternative?
  • The directory for Linux is:
    And add the chrome sub-directory to that. This may also work on iOS.

    Where can I find a list of entries like font-size and font-family?
  • One star for timebomb using. Thanx to Mr.Bob, for better solution.
  • can vot use anymore. Not available?
  • The Theme Font Size Changer stops working every time I have an update to my OS. I see the instructions for the workaround you posted, but it looks like for a PC. How do I do it on my Mac? My eyes are killing me since the Add-on stopped working.
  • My Theme & Font Size Changer stopped working again today (April 9). I followed your instructions, chose a font size of 14, and now my font size is good without using an add-on. Thank You!