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Little Spark

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Warum wurde "The Idle Login" geschaffen?

Almost daily, we login to multitudes of sites. However, this boring repetitive effort is not in line with our nature. So some time back, had the idea of using bookmarks and so did a Greasemonkey Script. This idea works beautifully (=perfectly idly), though no security of the passwords as preferences are used to store them.

And so after many, many idly logins, decided to turn it into a Firefox Add-on. Well... more idle beings might just love to have it too! Enjoy :)

To be idle is to be innovative
For only the truly innovative can be truly idle

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Seems stable. Nothing to change at the moment.

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Name Little Spark
Benutzer seit January 2, 2009
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 11 Add-ons
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Wer ist Little Spark?

Has been a while since I updated my addons. Today found out that this space has been deleted! Cause unknown!<br/><br/>As said previously, will port most addons here over to WebExtensions for use in FF57 onwards. Then when about to work on this, saw that WinXP will no longer be supported for Firefox 53 onwards! Will need to find a newer computer first. Let's keep our fingers cross. :)<br/><br/>~Blessings