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  • Nice Idea, but the shortcut to highlight something is the same as to switch to the reading-mode.(f9)

  • To solve the F9 issue until the next update, you can disable the reader view: open the about:config page via the location/address bar. Click "I'll be careful" to continue. And set "reader.parse-on-load.enabled" to false.

  • Works great, but from Firefox version 60.0, the F9 key is hard-coded to toggle the Reader-view - please assign a different key to the TextMarker.

  • super (Y) !

  • Interesting

  • It works but doesn't save the highlight upon refresh

  • Does not highlight other occurences of the word(s) highlighted at first !!!

    As a plain "paper and pen replacement", is very fine !

    You should maybe re-think your addon as a complement to Firefox search as you type (after a search, your "marker" could mark all the occurences ... or just the one sought).

    Then, it would be really awful ... doing a search with Firefox tool and then highlighting the found occurences with your addon ... and make another search + add new highlights to the previous ones in a different color ...

    Finally an intelligent way to search and highlight ...

    As of now, seless as a search and highlight for me.

  • If you could allow to write notes and persist on page reloads that would be awesome. You could use localStorage to persist.

  • Hello it is missing an option to allow us to customize the colors and added new colors thank you in advance for a future version of TextMarker Thank you

  • Doesn´t save marked text until next visit, key to mark text is far away from ussability while in work progress: F9? Think the author is not using it himself, cannot think logically and does not have a look how others solve an idea like this. Not for professional use.

  • I think it´s a pity that users are not informed that there is a simple way to save the highlights for future re-reading. It took me some scrolling through the reviews to find this hint in one of the comments. I suggest the following to be added in "About this extension" or elsewhere. "In case you like to keep the highlights, just right-click and select "Save the page ..." and then you will keep the marked text forever"

  • I wish the context menu icon can be opt-out.

  • Какой смысл в расширении не вижу.. Textmarker Должен сам искать все одинаковые выбранные мною слова и маркировать их. Каждое выбранное слово своим цветом. Хотел использовать вместо SearchWp но, это невозможно.

  • version 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 does not install in ESR

    Correct please.

  • i like the addon especially the marker on the right.

    but i found the default highlight color is same as the highlight colors of other addon. This confused me sometimes.

    it would be great if we could choose the default highlight colors.
    or have three items in the context menu to hightlight the word with different color.

  • Best addon ever... but doesn't work with e10s:(

  • No memory.

  • Highlighting is easy and works, but it is not saved on the side.

  • I only want a simple tool to highlight text.
    Fast, simple.
    That's all.
    TextMarkerGO is perfect. Mark text while pressing M key and text will be highlighted.
    Thank you HemiolaSun!!

  • This is very simple and useful addon to guide on the big page.

  • As simple as a text marker addon should be. I have tried many others, but I will only keep this only.

  • Great
    不然总串行╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

  • There's no point in highlighting if the next time you reload the page all your highlighting disappears.

  • when your users are used to a keyboard shortcut it's not acceptable to change that for any reason!
    Other things are OK except that you didn't add the option for copying all highlighted text. It's very handy for research or when someone is learning new vocabulary.
    Thank you

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    Thank you. F12 is reserved by Firefox for opening Developer Tools since Firefox 10 (or later), that's why Textmarker Go can not use it any more. I will try to add Copy function in the next release.

  • I not find how to use hotkeys.