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  • It is use to me(in windows) but some of my friends are using Linux so please make same thing for Linux users.
  • Good Job
  • A couple of suggestions. One, I wouldn't mind a rate adjustment tab. Just some way to speed up the pace of the voice. Two, it would be nice if i could use my cepstral voices with it. I think they're somehow linked to festival, but I'm no linux expert. I paid $30 for my cepstral voice and I would really like to figure out a way to use it in firefox under gnome.
  • goed gedaan werk ........
  • good job
  • Great job...
  • Melhor add-on!!!
  • This is one of the add-ons which has a great potential. We always need options... sometimes it's convenient to listen, so we need to convert text to voice and at other times we better want to read and we need to convert our voice-mails to text. This covers the first part to an extent.
    I like it.
  • bon add-on
  • 我喜欢它
  • 我喜欢它
  • Love it!! Congrats to the developer for this nice job. However, there are some things where improvement is kinda required.
    1. One click to read the whole webpage without the need to select it.
    2. Voice quality.
    3. Keep the things in background.

    Keep it up!!
  • Grande add-on. Je vous remercie.
  • Kool... Improved voice would be a great plus point
  • Quasi perfetto
  • It made my life easy. It would be great if sound quality is bettered.
  • Eccellente!!
  • Excellent!!
    Voice is robotic as others have complained but it's fine as long as I can understand what she says, at least that's what I think. Keep it up, Firefox guys. You Rock!!
  • Initially it sounded a good idea. I downloaded but for some reason it didn't work. Lately I realized it was my mistake, I was trying it on IE. Now after installing it on firefox, I'm in loving firefox even more. Thanks.
  • Kool concept!! Great job.
  • Simpatico e carino inizialmente, poi utile nei momenti di rilassatezza!
  • Firstly, you have done a wonderful job with this add-on. This is one of those rare/must have add-ons to install... Additionally here are some things to think about for later releases.

    1. Please consider the addition of an "icon" for the Toolbar.
    2. Please consider speed-up or slow-down of the reading of the words.
    3. Most important. Please consider writing a sister program for the e-mail portion, Thunderbird! I have a friend slowly going blind and I know this would be a great addition to the reading of messages in the e-mail.

    Thanks so much!

    -Pete, k3zr
  • A must have add-on. It's super helpful when I'm too lazy to read things written on web pages. Even both male and female voices are still robotic and not smooth, I have no problem understanding them. I use Video Download Helper add-on to download the mp3 file.
  • I love it. I can do other stuff while it reads news for me...
  • I love it. I can do other stuff while it reads news for me...