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  • I like things, similar to this. And it's really work, pretty good I can say. I will recommend this add on to my friends! :)
  • Awesome add-on. What a fantastic way of learning the right pronounciation. Yes- the voice is still a bit robotic. That's why one star is missing. Still, very useful. Can't wait for an update. As was requested before, could you add the speaker icon on top? Thank you!!!
  • That's my favorite
  • It has the potential beyond for getting above the synthesized sound. I think if it keeps up you my have a fan in people that want
    to review proper pronunciation.
  • This one is going to go into my addon collections. I like it. As others have noted, the voice is lil robotic, but hey, isn't it a robot speaking? ;-)
  • However, with version 1.10: 1) doesn't like apostrophes, spells out each letter of the word instead, and 2) pronounces all-capital acronyms as a word (for example "US" as "us"). Female voice is a bit muffled, in addition to sounding slightly distorted. But I'm excited to see updates to this add-on.
  • It works well enough. An improved voice quality wouldn't hurt though.
  • Hi I like your app overall but there needs to be more options in the settings. 1st is an option to change voice besides the two robotic ones available. 2nd is the option to download and install other voice engines into text to voice. Also an option to download more languages from other places in make it compatable with the addon. Furthermore if it was possible to use the addon without online access.
  • Great Plugin! Not a maker-or-breaker but it would be nice if it could play just in the background instead of opening that small window.
  • This seems promising!
  • It works! Albeit in a very rough, computer robo voice. Aside from the fact that it's functional, unlike some other addons under this category, nothing special.
  • It's good with the tools we have. Unless we make computers talk with their words: We need to tely on their ability to talk ours.
  • This is a very convenient add-on: Previously I was in the habit of loading TextAloud to have a page or section read to me; then I'd highlight some text and press a hot-key combination. This is so much easier! And it's a brilliant user-conscious coding feature that allows the user to download the same text as an MP3 in a single step, for uses of which I can think of many.

    Did you sense a "but..." coming? It's just a small one.

    I'd really like to have my text read to me, optionally, in the TTS voice(s) to which I'm accustomed — one of the two high-quality ones that I use exclusively. Would that pose a programming problem, or is it feasible?

    Congrats on a very neat, non-imposing, perfectly useful, and thoughtful extension. It really is nice work.

    Steve in Toronto
  • It works. The quality of voice output was a lot poorer than I hoped for. Giving it a 3/5 as it does technically work.
  • Works great. Although I have a request, could you add the speaker icon on top too? To maximize space I try to keep my "add-on bar" disabled.
  • 1. Requires internet to use this plugin.
    2. Voice is rapid [There is no option change speed.]

    A comparison: Chrome Speak (plug-in for Google Chrome) does not require internet for the text to voice. It has option to change speed. But ChromeSpeak does not provide the mp3 option.
  • 1. Helpful developer. I had an issue and they responded fairly quickly.
    2. Great to have fun
    3. You cannot rely on it completely, at times voice is very robotic
    4. Does not work with FlashBlock.
  • Really works well. I was looking all over for a free plugin to handle this for me, and this one really does a great job.
  • Have been using it since a long time...One thing that I noticed about it is that I don't remember I ever had trouble with it when I upgraded my FF, which I had with almost all my other addons at some point or the other. Good Job!!
  • I like it and look forward for a few additions. Speed control and a lil less robotic voice would make it much better but I'd still give it 5 on 5.
  • Does what it says. Pretty easy to use. Love, Joshua
  • Bonjour, Ce module est très bien mais hélas il ne se traduit pas en français. Je ne peux donc pas m'en servir. Ceci-dit c'est un excellent module. J'espère que je pourrai bientôt écouter les textes en langue française.
  • I generally like to read stuff but at times I want to give my eyes some rest and this addon comes to rescue me at such times.
  • The voice is too rapid. Would it be possible to adjust it preferences?
  • I like this addon but I am really looking forward for it to use Google speech services.