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I'm rating 5 stars because... I haven't tried 'Tark' to be frank. But I'm commenting nevertheless because since Firefox 3, all bookmarks I'm not sure to keep are settled in the 'Unsorted Bookmarks' folder : 1 click, 2 clicks, done. I don't understand the purpose of some extensions when they seem to be redundant with built-in functions.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.31) abgegeben. 

Add-Ons Are Your Friend

Hi Foxtail,

I hope you try Tark if you have the chance. I think of the Add-Ons community as like a musical jam session. Everyone is trying different things, sometimes with various degrees of overlap and at different times. Whatever works best for someone is great no matter what. You are part of Firefox's community, a user... Thank you for using Firefox!

Now for my thoughts on your question. Tark allows different kinds of "temporary-ness" over time. The time value I personally give to Tarks can be different based on subject matter, priority etc.

Tark also can be tailored to restore the "temporary-ness" on subsequent page visits as well.

In version .31 of Tark you can now assign a Tark via right-click. That can store a Tark in bookmarks plus put it in a Tark folder, ALL in one click.

Mozilla will continue to do AWESOME things with Firefox. Those things will form the base upon which new approaches to a host of things will come about. We are in this journey together, lets see and hear what the next jam sessions are like!