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  • To anyone considering using this addon, I urge you not to. The main problem is that opt-out cookies do little or nothing to protect your privacy or stop you from being tracked by tracking cookies!

    The problem is that these "opt-out" cookies are very misleading about what they actually are. If you read the fine print of virtually every company's privacy policy regarding these cookies, you'll find that they promise not to display targeted ads to you, based on your personal web history. That is, you'll see ads that a person would see if they were not being tracked. However THEY STILL TRACK YOU!! They never promise that they won't track you, just that they won't show you personalized ads based on their data. They still use these opt-out cookies to track your movements, what sites you visit, what you click on, what you buy, and so on. They use that data for their own marketing purposes, or to sell to other companies. So in terms of privacy, this addon is actually harmful, because it gives people the false idea that somehow their privacy is being protected by opt-out cookies, when it's not.

    If you don't want to be tracked, then don't accept any cookies from advertisers, and if you don't want to see ads, then use an adblocker. Adblock plus with a privacy subscription would be a good start for both of these; there are many other options too, including other products from Abine. Unfortunately this one is simply the wrong approach, and is almost certainly not what you want. Abine should do the right thing, and retire it from the Addons web site.
  • It works when it manages to start. Ever since I updated to Firefox v26, it is a 50:50 chance that this plugin is enabled. Sometimes it starts, and sometimes it gets disabled saying it is not compatible with this version of Firefox. Same problem has carried forward to Firefox v27 also.

    Please fix this inconsistency.
  • An excellent add-on that I hope you update soon for the latest upgrade to Firefox! I waited to upgrade hoping this was implemented, but kept being reminded to upgrade FF which took away my TACO with Abine. Now I'm hungry!
  • If you have FF24 use DoNotTrackMe by Albine instead. It seams to be the new product by them and is up to date for FireFox 24... you can get it at their website or on FireFox Addons, just search for DoNotTrackMe
  • I love this add-on, I would not have upgraded FF if I knew this would not be available. I hope that you guys can update whatever it takes (given that it was updated in september, it seems there is active development).

    Anyway, this is just a positive note from a dedicated user.

    Internet Archive
  • I love this add-on, however right now it is not compatible with FF24 but I think it can be fixed easily. The other issue which I started facing for sometime is that Firefox will always crash while it is closing after enabling the deletion of cookie when closing firefox. I only see this problem on Linux (Fedora 19 to be exact) and on two different machines (old setup and newly installed system) while on Windows it works just fine but I don't use windows that much anyway.
  • Not compatible with FF 24 :(
  • Works great, easy to use, don't notice any slow-down from it.
  • You have well earned 5 stars.

    It isn't that complicated people! I have used, and will continue to use this add-on AS WELL AS others for complete protection. You can't expect one app to do it all.

    If you want out of Google, 1) LOSE your account 2) UNINSTALL Google products, including Earth and any toolbars 3) OPT OUT of Analytics and Advertising by doing a Google search. They have Firefox add-ons to opt out with, but they don't ADVERTISE them through the Firefox Add-Ons.

    TACO itself does WONDERS in the BACKGROUND if you take the 31 seconds to optimize the settings to your preferences.

  • Does not work with Firefox 17.
    Hi JJ,
    TACO should work - please contact us in support and let us know if you continue to have issues.
  • This is a corporate front for Google. It just blocks other trackers, NOT GOOGLE and they are the worst for privacy of all- well, except maybe Apple Computer.
    Insist that Albine make Google opt out stick or we will boycott this APP, because it is obvious a lie!
    Hey there-

    I assure you this is not a corporate front for Google :) In fact, TACO blocks Google's trackers, including Google Adsense, Google Analytics, the Google+ button, and Doubleclick (which is owned by Google). What this add-on doesn't do, however, is stop Google from recording active interactions you have with their services, like search or Gmail. If you're choosing to use these things, you're choosing to be tracked. We block Google's trackers that passively follow you around on non-Google websites, but there's nothing we--or any other privacy app--can do about Google *on their own products and services.*

    Blocking is different--and stronger--than opting-out. Opt-out cookies merely request that an advertiser not track you. Blocking prevents tracking requests at the code level from ever happening. We block Google, which is better than simply setting an opt-out cookie. Google has chosen not to be on the list of advertisers that distribute opt-out cookies, but for our users' purposes, that doesn't matter: we block them anyway.

    Hopefully this convinces you that we aren't allied with Google. Also, there's no "L" in our name. It's just "Abine."
  • Most of the time TACO Abine works well enough. But it has evidently been "updated" to keep re-granting Google+ a blocking exception: I must manually re-apply — and re-apply and re-apply and re-apply and re-apply, ad infinitum — blocking of Google+ tracking when using Google Reader.

    Based on what I've learned, I suspect this new behavior isn't a "bug" but rather a new designed-in limitation of TACO. For a start, this new behavior has been reported by other users of this extension. Additionally, Abine's site provides no answers; and an email to Abine support resulted in a "read the FAQs" form letter and no follow-up. Makes me wonder who got paid off to cripple TACO's blocking of Google+ and when.

    Long story short, when TACO does as it has been told it works pretty well. But as other users have indicated, TACO gives all appearance of having been intentionally crippled so as to keep overriding user choices for Google+ for sites / pages such as GReader…

    EDIT: Received the following email response from Abine:

    "I do not believe that there is a way to permanently tell TACO to block Google +1. It is an older product and we have since replaced most of its functionality with our newer product Do Not Track +. DNT+ is also a browser addon for IE, Firefox…"
    Hey there-

    I'll echo whoever in support got back to you and say that TACO is an old product that we learned from and greatly improved upon in our newer tracker-blocking add-on, DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). Whatever problem you're having in TACO with Google +1 shouldn't be replicated in DNTMe. In fact, one of the product's key functions is blocking the major social buttons by default and replacing them with identical--but safe--placeholder buttons. That way, you can choose to share, but they won't be tracking you until you make a conscious choice to use them. You can get DNTMe at https://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php. Thanks, and I hope this takes care of your issue.
  • Although i love the options and interface, the interface is not quite working yet on FF16.0.2 on a lot of pages i visit, because it tries to inject its interface as page-content (HTML) on the page you view.
    It's interface should be a modal dialog independent of the web-page viewed, or much better yet open as a sidebar !
    Hi TriMoon-

    TACO is an old product that we learned from and greatly improved upon in our newer tracker-blocking add-on, DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). Whatever problem you're having in TACO with the interface won't replicated in DNTMe. We've spent a lot of time making the interface really easy to use and clear. You can try out DNTMe at https://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php. Thanks!
  • I have to constantly repeat blocks for google analytics and doubleclick, even when I explicitly choose to block _every_where_. I should not need to revisit a block once in place. In the end went back to blocking using /etc/hosts and Adblock Plus.
    Hi Snert:

    TACO is an old product that we learned from and greatly improved upon in our newer tracker-blocking add-on, DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). Whatever problem you're having in TACO with Google analytics won't replicated in DNTMe. We've spent a lot of time making the interface really easy to use and clear, and your blocking settings will stick. You can try out DNTMe at https://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php. Thanks!
  • A good concept but buggy. For instance, it turned my "Home" button into an "Open new window" button. UI is also a bit busy and inconsistent - definitely designed by a programmer. I do like the button it adds to the toolbar that gives you a quick overview of the various trackers employed by the site currently being viewed. In spite of the bugginess, is a good plugin for the paranoid.
    Dear Bujuzu,
    Please let us know what the specific problem you saw with the "home" button is and we'll help fix it. If you see any other bugs or issues, tell us! support at getabine dot com. thanks!
  • Good addon. Most pro users don't see the obvious when they think a combination must be better. This addon bundles up the privacy features you need the most into an easy to use single addon. Excellent both for everyday and professional users. The extra layer of protection doesn't come from ghostery or any such addon. To stop you from being easily tracked, you need to use a VPN or proxy to protect your IP and you got to think about cloaking your online presense. For instance by using different emails when registration on sites. Not just your facebook or gmail account.. which is as good of personal tracking and identification to who you are as your own ID card. And you need to disguise your search pattern by using better search engines which takes privacy serious, or at least use an addon like: "trackmenot" to drown what your searching for.
    Dear Pete_222,
    You're correct that user need to do a variety of things to truly protect their privacy. It's no longer enough just to "set opt out cookies" or "delete cookies". TACO is trying to: a) bring these things together and b) make them easier. We've got work to do but keep the suggestions coming!
  • Your enabled then 2 seconds later disabled again. Wrote you a nice note when it was up. Now I am not sure of what's going on. Guess I just have to wait and see
    Dear Poppopkurt, we have submitted an update for FF11 to Mozilla. Cross your fingers, any day now.
    Thanks for your patience!
  • CONS: Missed Flash cookies which BetterPrivacy found.
    Has lots of extra features some which require subscription, some paid. Their claim that Taco with Albine 4.44 provides better protection than other plugins is dubious. NoScript + Ghostery + CookieMonster +BetterPrivacy make an awesome combination. No need for opt-out cookies.
    Dear Sloane911,
    Thanks for your review. We do not claim that TACO provides better protection than all the plugins you list. We claim that it does integrate more forms of protection than some other add-ons. TACO will continue to improve and broaden and deepen it's capabilities. However, it's not for everyone. IT is true that NoScript and BetterPrivacy provide very good types of protections.
  • Good for newbies who want a simple privacy upgrade. For real effectiveness you need more advanced addons. I recommend Beef Taco https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/beef-taco-targeted-advertising/ along with NoScript and others https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/gracefool/privacy/

    The website http://www.abine.com/preview/taco.php is misleading: Flash cookies are deleted along with other cookies since Firefox 4, so you don't need that feature, and as long as you allow Javascript on the page, you can be tracked and cookies can be re-created http://gracefool.com/how-you-have-no-real-privacy-on-the-internet
    TACO 3+ is unlike Beef Taco which simply puts opt-out cookies on your computer, nothing else.
    If you, like many technical users, prefer to use Noscript and betterprivacy and other add-ons together, you are totally right, you can absolutely get all these features (and more).
    We're sorry that you felt the additional new privacy-enhancing features didn't make sense together.
    Lastly, thanks for pointing out the Flash cookies checkmark, we'll go update that.
  • Abine is successfully integrating all the elements of browsing privacy together, something that was sorely needed. The UI is sometimes imperfect but is steadily getting better. An excellent and essential tool.
  • I never realized the extent to which I was being tracked online until I downloaded Taco. I've been using it for almost a month and love it. Abine offers the best online privacy options and I'm very impressed so far with both the product as well as their tech support services. And it's free! Highly recommend downloading ASAP.
  • Great addon. I love the anonymity. Only complaint, for some reason when I hit the button to customize the bar, then click TACO's icon, it turns up the TACO context menu instead of allowing me to drag and move the icon. No problem - just removed it using the built-in menu.
  • I didn't think I needed to block online tracking until I started seeing banner ads that seemed to know what I'd been looking at, which was creepy. Taco completely took care of it! I installed it and almost forget it's there because it's running in the background without being annoying. Totally recommended for anyone worried about their online privacy.
  • I love TACO and ABINE but they are not compatible with Firefox 9. Please update the version.

    Great! Thank you! It is installed now.
    Hey Chipotle,

    We are in fact compatible with Firefox 9. There is an issue on Mozilla's end that prevents their browser from recognizing we are compatible.

    Please make sure that you have the latest version from our website, v4.43
    You can simply install on top of your existing TACO without losing any of your saved information.
  • Excellent code.