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It is a very useful addon, which allows me to easily manage the tags which is especially helpful to someone like me who have lots of bookmarks.

However, unfortunately, I also suffer from the problem of tag menu not EXPANDING upon pointing to the tag in the "tag sifter menu" even though I haven't used the Cute Menu Extension.

Is it a problem related to theme? I am currently using Noia 2.0 ver 3.47?

Or how can I provide further details to you for you to diagnose what the problem is?

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (3.1) abgegeben. 


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It looks like Noia 2.0 also prevents TagSifter's menus from opening. I'll check it out, but in the meantime you'll either have to not use Noia or not use TagSifter's menus. If in the future you would like to contact me, please find my email address in the Contact section of TagSifter's homepage.