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Does what it says it does, but it does not let you see a list of closed tabs. Unfortunately, it does not seem likely that Yan is still working on it.

Luckily, there is another add-on, Tab Grenade, that does the same thing. It is probably your best bet at this point.

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Patiently awaiting release 0.2...Thanks for recognizing the need for an extension like One Tab for Chrome in Firefox and getting started. However, with no updates to alpha release 0.1 since September 2013, is there still a realistic chance you'll have time for this project?

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Help. I see other items (for LastPass, etc), but no icon for TabStash and I don't see an option anywhere to turn it on. Using latest FF 26.0. Is TabStash broken on 26?

EDIT: so, the icon appears to be in the lower right of my browser window. Totally unintuitive. Also, unlike OneTab, when you click on it, you don't get a nice page with all the previous tabs you had. This pretty much makes it a waste of time for me.... I'll keep it installed to see if updates fix this.

Hi! Glad you found the button. I think lower right is the default for new Firefox addons that use the JetPack API; not sure if there's a way to change it, but I'll check.

I definitely hear you on the need to see tabs that were closed. I started working on this and haven't gotten back to it. Thanks for the reminder. :(

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Can you cause the next tab in queue to appear when I close the single tab ?


That shouln't be too hard. I'll add it to the list of features for 0.2!

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Stashes tabs.

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Goode idea.
I would keep noticing of this addon.

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Does this do memory savings like chromes onetab?

What advantage of this over TabCandy/Panorama?

Hi Noitidart, thanks for the questions.

1. It won't do memory savings the way onetab does, because chrome and firefox handle memory differently. Unlike in chrome, firefox tabs share the same memory, so closing tabs won't dramatically reduce memory usage.

2. As far as I can tell, TabCandy and Panorama group tabs but they don't make tabs disappear, which is the only thing that this extension does. But you should definitely use either of those if you want a full-featured tab manager. :)

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I understand the authors motivation, but it isn't there yet (unless I am missing some knowledge of its operation) He bases it on Chrome's One Tab plugin...which is personally my favorite add on of all time (if that is possible.)

But One Tab will give you a tab with a list of stored away tabs that you can recall individually...and depending on how you restore the tabs, you get a nice list of tabs grouped by when you One Tab'd them.

TabStash does not do this...that I can tell. It hides them all when you hit the "T" and brings them all back when you hit the T again...there are no options, there is no right click menu, just all on, all addition when it brings the tabs lost the URL for about a dozen tabs I had open, they came back as New Tab.

I would like to have a One Tab for Firefox...but this isn't it.

Thanks! Will edit the description to include "HARD ALPHA WARNING"

Hi youbecha, thanks for the feedback! You are 200% correct that this is far from being done. I think I should warn people in the description, so I'm going to edit that.

I made this version of TabStash in a couple hours as a side project and then started to add the feature where all the tabs are listed, but I figured it was better to make an early experimental release than to wait and possibly never get this done. But yes, I agree that is top on the list of things to do next. The project is free software, so anyone who wants can hack on it. I would love that, actually! (See The master branch has some preliminary code to list tabs with checkboxes in an attached panel to the widget icon.)

Regarding the bug you reported where a bazillion empty tabs appear, that might be due to the fact that if you use Tabstash to close a tab before Firefox has loaded it, it gets saved in memory as an empty tab. There might be a way to work around this that doesn't involve waiting for the tab to load before closing it. :/