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  • Really good, a minimalistic and clean mode to view the "New Tab"
  • really like it!
  • Great add on and always nice to see some beauty on a new tab. Curious if you're still working on the syncing feature. I have no right to push just curious, saw your github posts :P
  • New tab done right.
  • Beautifully designed.
    I wonder how much data it would use everytime a new tab opened and a new image loaded.
  • Nice extension which simplifies the process of editing the newtab page.

    However, I do wish it was easier to change the order of the links displayed on the page & a wider choice of icons for widely use sites such as Reddit, Amazon, YouTube, Twitch etc..
    I also think it would be nicer if suggested fonts appeared as you type the font you desire in the settings.
  • Cool start page. Would love if widgets were moved to the periphery of the screen to let the images breathe, similar to how weather is in the corner; maybe leave the search in the center.
  • Closest app to Qucikey Tab for Chrome. Love this one!