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  • Because of the preview thumbnails, this is quite handy when you have a lot of tabs open and quickly want to look for a tab even if you don't know the name of the specific article or website off the top of your head.

    However, the performance needs to be improved when a lot of tabs are open because of how laggy the addon then can become.
  • Would be better if keyboard could be used to switch to tab. Currently I have to type to search for a tab, then switch to mouse, then back to keyboard. Having arrows work for navigating the search result would improve ergonomics.
  • How to save tabs for next time browsing ? no way there. just tabs and previews.
    Hi Jerry, version 2.0.3 should include that feature. Can you check that you are running version 2.0.3?

    If you are running 2.0.3 but the save tabs feature still isn't there, please report it as a bug here: https://goo.gl/forms/hdEdjHo6RPwYCiJC2

    If you can attach a screenshot to the bug report, that would be great. I will try to fix it and get out a new release as soon as possible.
  • I love this Addon. It helps me every day with my lot of tabs!
    It's fast and easy to configure, the preview is a nice feature.

    But please don't forget a "dark mode" ;)
  • A pop up size is too small and inconvenient with my 600 tabs. Just consider simple task of moving 5 tabs from Window 7 to Window 13.
    The app makes it impossible to handle.
  • Meh. Doesn't really do anything I can't already do with other extensions I already have. Additionally, the most attractive feature, which is the ability to preview tabs when hovering, is rendered basically useless since it doesn't show anything until a tab is actually loaded, and then only after you load it, move away from it, then return. Kind of pointless when FF default now is not to load any tabs until they are selected.
  • Please add an option to change the font and the size and color of the text of the tabs.
  • Awesome!

    Tab list view with previews of the webpage, excellent.
  • Many addons and browser have tried to tackle "Too many tabs" problem, but many of them fail -- either doing too much or too little. This add-on get the job done. I likes the feature that you can not only close the tab, but also move the tab into different windows.

    Just a few suggestion for developer for UI
    1. The default color of close button is red, and when you hover on it, it will become deep red.
    I feel the color is too busy, creating a lot of distraction, especially when you have a lot of tabs (hence a lot of close button with bold red) . My suggestion is that close and pin down button should only be displayed (in gray) when hovering on the tab, and when user move cursor to close or pin-down buttons, they will become red.
    An example like this is Tab Center Redux.

    2. We should be able to customize the length and width of the tabber's pop-up window.
  • It's very useful, but it lacks a quick way to move tabs between windows (e.g. a "move to window" button).
    Also, when first installed, it showed in the tab list a whole set of tabs that are not actually open (I have no clue about where it took them from).

    EDIT: I found a new bug: it prevents tabs from auto-loading when selected. This is pretty annoying...
  • Colorful tabs list with ability to drag/drop tab order, pin/unpin, delete, and ESPECIALLY the abilityto peek at the tabs' content by hovering over it on the list. Would prefer a smaller font or resizeable window to avoid having to scroll when there are many tabs - also the ability to Undo deleted tab. Thanks for this wonderful extension!
  • It is easy to use and makes exploring the internet enjoyable. Great work!
  • This add-on serves as a long-awaited solution for tab management in Firefox Quantum. It includes the essential overview of tabs (including separation of multiple Firefox windows, if applicable). It also features two clever and highly useful components: a search bar and thumbnail previews of each tab, on hover). Clicked tabs focus into view while retaining the Tabby menu, which allows for easy navigation with the absolute minimum of clicks and distractions. This is a smart and simple tool. It has made me forget Tab Groups and is, by far, the best of the available tab manager add-ons. It does what is needed, contains components that are useful, and adds nothing else. It is difficult to think of anything that could be added to improve it. My only recommendation would be to keep it as-is. Its simplicity and lack of bloat sets Tabby apart from the rest. Outstanding!