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i recently learned by accident that this ext. has a "paste and go" feature that allows pasting to the browser content area (a non-input control). this can be a security/privacy concern if you happen to paste, for example, a URI such as http://username:password@example.com which then can get sent straight to google as a "i'm feeling lucky" search which is saved by google and becomes publicly available. this "feature" cannot be disabled from the options UI as far as i can tell, but can be disabled by setting "extensions.tabutils.shortcut.key_pasteAndGo" and possibly "extensions.tabutils.shortcut.key_pasteAndSearch" to "false". in my opinion this feature should be scrapped as FF already has this built-in and implemented in a better, more secure way so that it only works in the address and search input controls. this is a disaster waiting to happen

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A URI such as http://username:password@example.com won't be sent to google as a "i'm feeling lucky" search.