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  • I get parsing error when clicking the options button (firefox 43.0.4):

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://tabutils/content/preferences.xul
    Line Number 20, Column 1:<prefwindow id="tabutils-preferences"
  • unable in firefox42
  • This is a great add-on but a bug makes it tough to use, not being able to go directly to a new URL from the address bar in a new window. If the current tab is not at a valid address already then opening a new address will not occur. Fix this by simply: (1) open settings window, (2) click Tabs (3) under TAB OPENING at the bottom under 'Load in new tab:" >set this to Home Page .... and be sure your home page is a valid address (even a html file on your hard drive will work)...
  • can you make it possible?
    i think this function is usefull.
  • Good add-on, but directly entering URL in address bar has stopped working with recent firefox versions.
    Work-around: Opening a new tab from the Address Bar URL option still works. If that option is unchecked, the URL won't open in the current window anymore.

    Windows 8.1 pro x64, firefox 33.0.2
  • Excellent add-on, but the last two comments about how it no longer goes to sites from the new tab location bar in FX33 with a click or with the enter key are absolutely correct. This is a major issue that will make the app nearly useless for many users as a practical matter.
  • Useful but buggy in latest FX, it breaks new tab page and makes it impossible to open addresses from it.
  • Clicking or Pressing enter after entering URL in address bar doesn't work. Windows 8.1 pro x64, firefox 33.0
  • Nice & Light weight. lacks some of the features of it's bigger sibling, but that's why it's called LITE. I use this on FF at my work, and the full version at home.
  • Wish this one included a "Move to existing window" option, like the full version, on right click..bummer.

    Just having "Move to new window" falls really short of expectations..especially for such a key maneuver that helps all of us to stay organized.

    Oh well, my search continues...
  • A smaller addon than Tab Mix Plus, but which makes exactly what I need ... and does it well!
  • Much smaller than TabMix but it won't open links in My Yahoo in a new tab, unless you middle click.
  • Don't know if I missed something in settings, but... When I middle-click on my speed dials links (configured both Speed Dial and FVD speed dial), it should open link in new tab, but instead it opens in current tab. Using Back to Speed dial and middle click again, it opens link in new tab. In full version it's working "out-of-box", it's just Lite version with this little problem.
  • Great to see this back, nothing else quite does the job for me
  • Great work, this exension is working again and makes a wonderful job, congrats.
  • 這是我用過的最好的火狐擴展,非常強大實用,比如:右鍵關閉標籤、右鍵點擊鏈接在後臺打開新標籤等,都是國外有關標籤的擴展所無法比擬的強大功能設置。

  • Great add-on!

    Desperately in need of update, doesnt work with FF 22.0
  • 很遗憾,现在还没更新以支持FF21。
  • This is great but you have to use the 1.6pre4 version from the Tab Utilities page to work with FF20.
  • Been using this add on for a while, great one. Been waiting on an update for ff20, for over a month now. The least you could do is send a response to those that have asked for one....seems a waste that I donated and now I can't even use it.
  • Fantastic addon. Improved the quality of my browsing experience at least 100%. Upset that lost it in the Firefox upgrade SO MUCH I would uninstall the new version of Firefox and reinstall the old if I could. Any plans to update the addon?
  • Perfect add-on. Using FF without it is so frustrating. Waiting for FF20 support.
  • Tab Mix Lite 也不错.
  • 请更新
  • waiting for update