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Tab Mix Plus 111027a... is a blessing... for Firefox (8.0)

Thank you for this update..!!!


Now my hope / wish list::

Is to reclaim web page viewing area real-estate..

Mozilla has imposed on us a blank Bar and margins that eliminates window (viewing) to be maximized.
All in favor of eye candy for Firefox Qui / themes and has nothing to do with web activity...

To dah.. Foxtastic Crew of TMP:
= Adding to TMP+

By having one line [Title Bar]..
For_ Navigation Buttons &&&.. Tabs.. &&&.. Windows Buttons:

I currently have Navigation Bar and Windows Buttons { - / Max / Close }..In the Title Bar: Working "flawlessly" in Minimized Window and Maximize Window modes…

Adding tabs to title bar would complete my quest…

Adding to TMP+..Is this option Possible..?

Tab Mix Plus Options>>Display>>Tab Bar [tab]

Lower Section:
Hide The Tab Bar: / Position {Drop-Down}_
= add
_ "Tabs in Title bar"_ option..??

Add-on::: / Tabs to Tile Bar / not working for Newer versions 8.0 FF..

Again thanks for the update…
Keep up the great work..!!

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I don't fully understand your request.
Firefox already have option for tabs in title bar