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You have misinterpreted my comment..
I “truly” appreciated the work and functionality of this add-on. That it has always provided. Also, appreciate what Tab mix plus add-on has provided for users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

My comment was directed to Firefox Die-Hard fans like me. Also, what Version # {Dev-Build} of Tab Mix Plus , I was currently working with on Firefox 8 ,

Albeit, with limited function. But, I am still able to use some of Tab Mix plus and did not have to disable it completely on Firefox 8…

If the grammatical structure of my comments offended you. Let me apologize to you and Tab Mix Plus crew.. You guys have been great and I know you guys will continue improving this great Add-on…

In my 20+ years of Internet usage..
Yes… this is not a typo error.. jejej..
I use to browse the internet with a blazing fast U.S. Robotic modem of 13.3 kps ..Uuufff…

But, in all that time I was never able to understand HTML-codes or identify web errors in I.E. and Navigator (Pre-Firefox)… DOS =yes HTML =no…

Therefore, any information provided by me. In all likelihood would be useless (garbage). Sorry I can not be of any help to you guys….

Internet Explorer Is Micro$oft = control and monopoly / No respect for private browsing at all / and pop-up and pop under violators has beacon cookies / candy cookies = Can Not Be Trusted..

Google Chrome Is Google = Advertiser / No respect for private browsing at all / and is pop-up and pop under violators has beacon cookies / candy cookies = Can Not Be Trusted

Mozilla Firefox = Open source = Free…enough said..

Tab Mix Plus is an essential part of Mozilla’s great experience and advantage. So we need you guys..O.K…

Is 3 stars at this time respectable….?

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i'm using Tabmix latest dev-build on latest Firefox 10 (nightly) without any problem.
i will appreciate any information that you can supply in our forum in order to make Tabmix better.