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Wish there was an option to show only when you double-click tab, because left click is very annoying! (every time I switch tab the menu appears). Or instead of hiding it when shift/ctrl/alt are pressed - show it ONLY when they are pressed

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please....colour different ...forward back.....then very very gooood...;-)

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With this addon and a mouse with forward/backward functions, you can have a less clustered UI and manage tab history with ease.

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This would be a great add-on, but it has conflict with drag-and-drop :(. I use 'Enhanced Middle Click' instead of this what is a perfect solution for me.

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Excellente Add-ons
Right click over knurled scrolling history
Thank you

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nknm - thanks

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In my previous review I stated that I couldn't get Tab History Menu to work, and gave it one star. I was wrong. Tab History Menu works perfectly, but it has a compatibility issue with the Tile Tabs extension. In order to get Tab History Menu to work with Tile Tabs installed, you must go into the Tile Tabs Options window, select the Tabs tab, and deselect the option to "Drag & drop tabs onto tiles (instead of detaching)."

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but there's one thing missing. nobody can SEE if there's any possibility to go back/forwards in a tab like on the default FF's buttons - especially when they are nomore in the mainbar.
it's a lil bit confusing and often i can't remember if i went back or forwards in a tab when there are many many many tabs opened. it's then fussy to scroll and then point to the tab(s) and click it again.
it would be better if there were an indicator that shows in the tab(s) here i went back or forwards or BOTH.
otherwise a great AddOn which serves real space.

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I love this extension, but I think it needs a small tweak. You should make it so the only time the tab history menu opens is when we left click on the favicon of the tab. This would make it more intuitive, cause sometimes we just want to move the tab without the history menu popping up. That would easily be solved by my small tweak. Thanks for making a great, useful add-on!

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Very convenient to have. Thank you.

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This add-on is great. I would love to have a keystroke shortcut to return to the first page in the tab's history.

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Awesome idea! I love it, it enables me to have a wider location bar.

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This extension works correctly. However, it broke all ability to drag and drop in Firefox 3.6.8 on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine.

I would be able to drag and drop (links, text, tabs, etc.) for the first few minutes, then everything would become static. I thought it was a conflict with Tab Kit, but disabling Tab Kit did not change the situation. It is also not caused by a conflict with Easy DragToGo. Those are the only two addons I have that explicitly modify drag and drop and tab behavior, unless you include Tile Tabs.

I got tired of experimenting, so I've disabled this addon until further notice. The replacement addon I've found, Enhanced Middle Click, works great. Tab Utilities also offers the same option, although I can use it because it interferes with Tab Kit.

Maybe it would be possible, as others here have suggested, to add the possibility of a hot key, like alt or ctrl. Perhaps that would solve the problem.

If you like drag and drop functionality (this literally broke it all, even in the bookmarks organization window and other addons, such as Menu Editor) I do not recommend this addon. This is possibly a conflict of extensions - all I know is that with this enabled I lose functionality, and with this disabled I don't.

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I have sent an e-mail about ideas.

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This is a fantastic idea, but dude, seriously, Shift + Backspace. I don't remember if you can use Backspace as a back button in Firefox, but you definitely can't make it the left mouse button, although I like the idea, but it isn't practical. On top of holding the left mouse button to move tabs, I also double-click to close them using Tab Mix Plus. You two need to high-five sometime and *really* make a cool add-on together.

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This addon is great.
It's "Must Have"

Great! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This addon is great.
It's "Must Have"

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This addon combined with mouse gestures for back/forward navigation does away with the need for the navigation buttons - thank you!

My only gripe - the history menu should only show up when needed. I've installed 2.1.1 and that solves the problem when middle and right clicking. Now if you can put a time delay when dragging and double clicking.

Or have an option for showing the history on double clicking the tab - what do I substitute if(event.button !== 0) with for dblclick?

Thanks for your support

There is a technical difficulty. Because of the way Firefox fires some events, if I put a time delay or something like that, a user won't be able to toggle the history menu just by clicking the tab, she will have to click somewhere else to hide the menu. Still working on it through, and I'm considering write another add-on which has a different way to display histories (it's actually requested by a user). Thanks for your support!

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Please don't show the history menu when middle-clicking (on the mouse wheel) on a tab, because by default that will close the tab. So it is pointless (and annoying) to show the history menu when closing a tab with the middle-mouse button.

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Hi Everyone,

I like the concept here... but, if I right click on the active tab, the tab history provided by this extension is obscured by the tab context menu which appears in front of it.

I'm also using TMPlus and have unchecked the little box as suggested in this forum.

What might be wrong?



Tab History Menu 2.1.0
FF 3.6

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It's a bug, and will be fixed in 2.1.1. Thanks for your feedback.