Saves UI space, hides history Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Associating history with tab this way seems like a brilliant idea to me. But after giving this addon a try I must say I cannot use it.

The menu is quite irritating when it pops up when I try to move the tab (disappears during drag) or just activate it and view the page.

Lack of visual indication that the tab has history and whether I can go back or forward is a problem too. Sure I can leave history arrows on a toolbar, but then no space is saved and I tend to use their drop-down menu instead of the tab's one. I have no clear idea how to solve this.

Maybe what I want from history is to start a clear one when I enter a URL manually or choose one from my bookmarks. Then I browse and add history items. When a link is opened to a new tab or window, newly opened tab should inherit the whole history of the current tab.

Then I would know that history is there if I want it and no visual indication would be necessary. At the moment I have to go through several tabs and find the one with active back button. But this solution is a big change in how history works and I think this addon is not supposed to do it. (Maybe optionally?)

Thanks for this interesting addon anyway!