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This extension works correctly. However, it broke all ability to drag and drop in Firefox 3.6.8 on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine.

I would be able to drag and drop (links, text, tabs, etc.) for the first few minutes, then everything would become static. I thought it was a conflict with Tab Kit, but disabling Tab Kit did not change the situation. It is also not caused by a conflict with Easy DragToGo. Those are the only two addons I have that explicitly modify drag and drop and tab behavior, unless you include Tile Tabs.

I got tired of experimenting, so I've disabled this addon until further notice. The replacement addon I've found, Enhanced Middle Click, works great. Tab Utilities also offers the same option, although I can use it because it interferes with Tab Kit.

Maybe it would be possible, as others here have suggested, to add the possibility of a hot key, like alt or ctrl. Perhaps that would solve the problem.

If you like drag and drop functionality (this literally broke it all, even in the bookmarks organization window and other addons, such as Menu Editor) I do not recommend this addon. This is possibly a conflict of extensions - all I know is that with this enabled I lose functionality, and with this disabled I don't.