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  • The option of a double-click to list history is far more preferable. A reviewer mentioned this in 2013... so I won't hold my breath.
  • とても便利でした。
    しかし、Firefox-35 では(互換性がなく)動作不能です。
    ➡Firefox-35 との「互換対応」が成されました。正常に動作します(20-01-2015)

    ➡FF-36への更新後、またもや「互換不全」となりました。同様な機能を提供する「Tab History Menu fix」に Change しました。
  • Use to be cool, now it's time to pass to "Tab History Menu fix", much more better!
  • Love, love, love this add-on!! One thing though, would it be possible to have the option to switch the option to use the shift key to view or not view the tab menu?

    At the moment, you only have the option to use the keys to not see the menu. I would love the option to reverse that and use the shift key to see the menu and have the menu not visible otherwise.

    I do a lot of clicking back and forth on multiple tabs and the tab menu gets in the way and I rather not have to press an additional key every time I click on a tab.
  • one more reason to prefer ffox. navigate quickly to a point several steps back or forward easily. to me the popup feature that shows tab-history right away is a big plus over clicking the back-forward arrows, and i dont find that distracting.
  • I think, opening the menu only on currently opened tabs would be fine overall.
  • Similar to others I think it is distracting that the menu pops up each time when you click on a Tab. I would like to suggest to add another option: "flip behaviour" meaning that the popup will be displayed only if you press the Shift/Ctrl/Alt key when clicking on a tab.
    Other than that: Great idea.
  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working
  • Not good enough.
    I think it'll be good if it shows backward/forward when DOUBLE-CLICK the tab,or just AUTO-HIDE the menu in a few seconds.
  • Pretty good BUT there needs to be more options. The popup shows when switching tabs which is annoying. If there was the option to show the history after double clicks only it'd be great.
  • You can already do this by right clicking the "back/forward" buttons...but I can see it being very useful for those that remove the "back/forward" buttons from the UI.
  • i hope it can hiden after 3-5 second
  • great! got rid of Back-Forward buttons at all
  • From FF15 THMenu opens or closes history clicking on different tabs. It's very annoying. I kept FF14 until now, but today I have updated to 19. Now I have to search for another similar plugin.
  • great addon - thank you :-)
    please provide German translation
  • 1. I don't need ↔ arrous for navigation and history - it wins very expensive space.
    2. But I have one additional proposal: long left click on empty part of page to cause the history of this page, and double left click - to go back. Is it possible?
  • Associating history with tab this way seems like a brilliant idea to me. But after giving this addon a try I must say I cannot use it.

    The menu is quite irritating when it pops up when I try to move the tab (disappears during drag) or just activate it and view the page.

    Lack of visual indication that the tab has history and whether I can go back or forward is a problem too. Sure I can leave history arrows on a toolbar, but then no space is saved and I tend to use their drop-down menu instead of the tab's one. I have no clear idea how to solve this.

    Maybe what I want from history is to start a clear one when I enter a URL manually or choose one from my bookmarks. Then I browse and add history items. When a link is opened to a new tab or window, newly opened tab should inherit the whole history of the current tab.

    Then I would know that history is there if I want it and no visual indication would be necessary. At the moment I have to go through several tabs and find the one with active back button. But this solution is a big change in how history works and I think this addon is not supposed to do it. (Maybe optionally?)

    Thanks for this interesting addon anyway!
  • I agree that this is a useful add-on, but it is VERY DISTRACTING to have the history drop down each time a tab is clicked. Another review suggested having the history show only when the tab's favicon is clicked on; this is a great suggestion. For now, I'm going to keep the add-on installed because the pros outweigh this one con, but I am getting tired of it.
  • Enhanced Middle Click 0.3.1 is better
  • The basic idea is great but all similar add-ons in this category suffer from the same fatal flaw: When surfing with multiple tabs they cannot display the history of each tab without jumbling them all together. Since nobody under the age of 70 surfs with just one tab open this renders these types of add-on useless.

    If someone could crack that problem it would open up a world of possibilities. For now none can deliver.
  • Wish there was an option to show only when you double-click tab, because left click is very annoying! (every time I switch tab the menu appears). Or instead of hiding it when shift/ctrl/alt are pressed - show it ONLY when they are pressed
  • please....colour different ...forward back.....then very very gooood...;-)
  • With this addon and a mouse with forward/backward functions, you can have a less clustered UI and manage tab history with ease.
  • This would be a great add-on, but it has conflict with drag-and-drop :(. I use 'Enhanced Middle Click' instead of this what is a perfect solution for me.
  • Excellente Add-ons
    Right click over knurled scrolling history
    Thank you