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Sergi Mansilla

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Warum wurde "Tab Grenade" geschaffen?

I am a serial tab-opener. For every new search, idea and link clicked I open a new tab,and that means that every day I end up with dozens of opened tabs. Many of them are useless but others are important. It is quite a chore to go through them and close or bookmark them, and it also has a big impact on the amount of memory used in the browser. Sometimes it is so much work that I just close them all, and with that, probably losing some of the tabs forever. Tab Grenade closes them all but saves all the links and displays them in a nice tab that contains all of the tabs you have ever 'grenaded', ordered by time. Like any HTML document, it is easily searchable and it can even be shared with anybody by saving it in the http://tabgrena.de online service.

Tab Grenade was created because of the need of a tool that solves that. I saw that Chrome has an extension that does that called OneTab, but it doesn't exist for Firefox, nor I could find anything similar, so I created it. I must say, my online life has become much easier with this extension, and I am even exaggerating..

Was kommt als nächstes für Tab Grenade

Coming improvements:

- Possibility of deleting tabs.
- Possibility of 'unsharing' groups of tabs.

Über den Entwickler

Name Sergi Mansilla
Ort Amsterdam
Beruf Software developer
Homepage http://sergimansilla.com/
Benutzer seit April 3, 2011
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