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  • just What i needed thank you very much for this !! but a button would be great to simulate the action cause most of the time i use only mouse..please consider adding a button..thank you again !!
  • Works 100% on WaterFox macOS - THANK YOU !!!
  • Simply perfect. Should be built-in Firefox functionality.
  • It's great, I use it all the time.
  • One of the best add-ons!
  • it works.
  • It doesn't work on v59 - period. I hate motion on pages I'm trying to read, and I've tried repeatedly to find a way to stop these Giphy animations that appear all over the place. This extension has no effect on them whatsoever.

    I really blame Mozilla for this. If Chrome can provide a built-in switch, so can you. Also, stop "improving" your products so that the most useful elements STOP WORKING.
    I guess Giphy uses GIFVs, i.e. videos. I filed https://github.com/gavinsharp/SuperStop/issues/10 for adding that functionality to the addon, though I don't think I'll have time to fix it any time soon.

    Setting media.autoplay.enabled to false in about:config might be an option for you.

    Edit: I updated the addon -- Shift+Escape should now pause videos as well.
  • Version 0.2 is working great on Firefox 52 ESR even though it's marked as requiring Firefox 55 and newer. Stopping JS timer is nice addition to the old version. It would be better if it was marked compatible with 52 so it can be used on current ESR without workarounds.
    I marked it compatible with Fx 52 with the latest update (for what little it's worth, given that 60 ESR is out by now).
  • So happy to have found this rewrite after ToggleGifs (or whatever the name was *bad memory*) wouldn't work with new FF. I'm rating 4 stars only because there doesn't appear to be a way to turn animations back on after you Shift+Esc to turn them off other than reloading the entire page. If that feature could be added (maybe Ctrl+Shift+Esc to reverse), this would be full-on 5 stars for me. Thank you!
  • Nice! I wish there is a way to resume animation/playing though.
  • Still works. Hoorah!
  • Finally I can use amazon without ads being animated and shoved in my face. To me such ads (and tooltips) are the visual equivalent of nails scraping on a blackboard.
  • good but please add option to change key
  • This is the best thing since adderal for us ADD types. I can't read anything with all the animations playing right next to the body column. Thanks!

    The fact that the Mozilla Devs in their infinite wisdom took away the use of the ESC key to stop animations in order to support some "edge case" pisses me off to no end!
  • Would be nice if this also stopped javascript timers. BrowserStop() and for(i=0;i<1000000;++i) clearTimeout(i) or something. Would be nice if Firefox didn't hide the list of pending timer events.
  • Thank you
  • As Mozilla removes more and more functionality from Firefox, add-ons like this one are required to stay current and still have a working browser.
  • There have been many many braindead UI regressions forced upon users by apparently insane Firefox developers in recent years, but removing the ability to stop GIF/PNG animations made me much more angry than most. (Hello?? "Accessibility"???)

    There are some other extensions that allow turning off animations entirely, but this is the only one that allows you to browse with the ability to see animations in those cases where they're done tastefully (e.g. not too many frames-per-second) and actually convey information, and then to kill the much more common misbehaved cases (e.g. on forums with animated emoticons) with a single keystroke. I wish the add-on preserved the old ESC keystroke rather than requiring Shift + ESC, but I'll take what I can get.

    This add-on plus FlashBlock and QuickJava let you read what you're trying to read without constant hyper-irritating distractions. Thank you very much to the developers of all three.
  • A lifesaver to me. Must have.

    One suggestion: elements still move, one could turn them off easily by setting their scrollamount attribute to zero.
  • Had to edit source and remove [shift] to bring back one of the oldest feature of every browser that Mozilla decided to remove. Stop animating gifs on [esc] press. Sad it's yet another extension to fix FF bug assumed by Mozilla to be a feature.
  • It's not working properly with the latest version of Firefox. Shift+Esc sometimes works and sometimes does absolutely nothing at all. It seems no better than Firefox's normal stop. Can this be fixed??
    EDIT: Works only if the webpage doesn't have the Esc key configured as a keybord shortcut. There really needs to be an option to also use Shift+F1 so it works even if the webpage has the Esc key configured. I found a workaround by editing bootstrap.js in the .xpi file and replacing VK_ESCAPE to VK_F1. I can now stop even if the webpage is overriding the Esc key by pressing Shift+F1.