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Version 2.00.1-signed.1-signed 39.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 25.0 - 56.*

removed some features.
fixed some features that did not work in firefox new version.

Version 1.85 74.1 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 25.0 - 32.0

In version 1.85
----Resolved a bug at address bar
----Resolved a bug for page lock
----Resolved bug to hide firefox (support to FF26 only)

Version 1.84 74.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0a1 - 28.0

Hide/Bosskey feature is recompiled for firefox 19 and 20

Version 1.83 74.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0a1 - 22.0

fixed an issue that can not revert previous session when stm is used.

Version 1.81 74.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0a1 - 19.0a1

1. Hide Firefox/minimize to tray function only support to firefox 16.* and 17.*
2. Revised multi-tab bug from certain version of firefox.

No other changes.

Version 1.80.1-signed.1-signed 86.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 14.0 - 19.0a1

fixed some issues that happen at firefox 14 and above.

Version 1.71 80.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 9.0 - 16.0a1

Fixed a bug for "open url address in new tab".
Bosskey(hide firefox) feature support to firefox 11

Version 1.70 91.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 5.0 - 10.0a1

Removed feature regarding add-on bar.
Recompiled DLL file according to different Firefox version

Version 1.66 80.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 8.*

In version 1.66
----Resolved some bugs in Firefox 5.0
----Add the option to close tab(s) by hotkey

Version 1.65 77.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 6.0a2

This is a Firefox 4.x compatibale version.

Version 1.64 83.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b5pre

Full support to firefox 4.0beta
This should be a beta version.

Version 1.63 77.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b4pre

In version 1.63
New features added:
----Hightlight unread tabs
----Support to Firefox 4.0b2pre
Bug fixed
----Bug when Ctrl(Alt)+Enter in address bar
----Bug in lock feature

Version 1.62 79.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a5pre

In version 1.62
New features added:
----Right-click [reopen] tab boolbar button to show "closed tab list"
----Menu toolbar button and show/hide top menus
----Bookmarks/History toolbar button, left-click for bookmarks and right-click for histories
----Remove tab-list-button at the rightmost of tab-bar
----Max rows setting for multi tab rows
----Auto-lock warning message window
----Position for new tab, not apply to blank new tab
Bug fixed
----Can not reload failed page in the same page when "open url-bar url in new tab"
----Removed enablePrivilege

Version 1.61 65.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a4pre

In version 1.61
New features added:
----Merge window back/foreground open into tab1->open link in back/foreground
----Automatic pagelock list supports Regular Expression(Need re-add list)
----PgUp/PgDn by wheel scrolling when hold right-button
Bug fixed
----conflict: when replace search bar with google search bar of google toolbar
----hotkey conflict: hotkey changed to Alt+< or > to close tabs at left/right
----bug: URL in location-bar dropdown list was not open in new tab
----bug: Middle-click activity was changed
----bug: Bookmarks was recognized as child of current tab
----bug: can not close blank tabs when open window in a new tab
----conflict: a problem with easydragtogo

Version 1.60 65.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a1pre

Version 1.60
New Feature:
----Formal support to Firefox 3.6
----Automatically close blank tabs
----Show [Open URL] at context menu of selected URL text
----Adjusted tab and status bar menu for block feature
bug fixed:
----can not use bookmark script
----error in console window for new user when open pref window
----a bug when open tab group

Version 1.53 65.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a1pre

In version 1.53
New features added:
Hotkey(Alt + <-, Alt + ->) to "CloseRightOtherTabs/CloseLeftOtherTabs"
Can filter Audio of a page now
Blank tab is automatically removed when open a new tab.
Bug fixed
2 bugs which was found in error console