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ничего лишнего, не навязывает поиск яндекса, все хорошо))

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It is awesome extension, hoever.

I am raising awarnes about gvfs-metadata bug in Debian/Ubuntu distribution. This is not entierly fault of the creator, however this extensions cause an infinite loop in gvfs-metadata writing data to the drives at enormous rate.

If you are using SSD (spinning drives are also under heavy fire) drives you are at horrible risk of killing your drive.

Live ubuntu on flash disks are dead under 10minutes.

Related bug issue:

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Неплохая экспресс-панель, но не более, по внешнему виду, функционалу и настройкам достаточно сильно уступает аналогам (Speed/Fast Dial'ам)

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Great add-on and one of my favourites. Once you get passed the learning curve, which is easy, you'll find Super Start indispensable. It's very easy to organise your bookmarks/URLs and there are lots of options to customise the Super Start page, such as; changing the background image or colour. Right click on a web page to add it to the Super Start page. To create a group just drag a page on to another. From there edit the group by clicking on the icon and give it a name, you can do this for each individual page, as well. It's as simple as that. There's a function to add notes on the right, as well. I'll leave you to figure out the rest.

What I like about Super Start over Firefox Groups is:
1. It's easier to get to, just one click on the '+' icon on the tab bar and Super Start opens up or set it as your home page.
2. No problems whatsoever with the layout of the Super Start page when you resize or scale Firefox, unlike Tab Group. Firefox doesn't 'remember' your Tab Group layout when you resize a web page - it completely destroys it! There's absolutely no way to get it back either, as the functionality of Tab Group is very, very basic. Don't even bother to re-organise the Tab Group page as it's a complete waste of time. This annoying 'feature' has been around a long time and doesn't look like it will be 'fixed' anytime soon.

Highly recommended, one of the best add-ons.

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Können die abgelegten Links gespeichert werden? Ich möchte sie auf meinen Laptop übertragen oder muss ich jedesmal alles neu eingeben & abspeichern?

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Excelente programa! Muchas gracias

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I spent some time trawling through the various speed dial/home page/new tab extensions. I access a small set of sites (about 10) very frequently. I want them within easy reach when I hit the new tab button. I don't need over-the-top styling or tons of options. - just a good way to setup, lay out and access those sites. This extension meets those needs.

* Easy to add a new url. You only need to fill in the address. There are other settings available but that's the minimum.
* Easy to edit url. Ensure you have enabled the "Show Buttons" flag. That activates a set of clickable controls when you hover over a url icon. I've reduced the set of controls to "Edit" and "Delete". Note, this doesn't work in text-only url display.
* Layout. The placeholder feature allows me to group urls in different rows.
* Icons. It reliably associates useful icons with the url (or you can go text-only if that's your preference)

Nice-to-haves (for me):
* Set the background. With sensible options for laying that out.
* Backup of configuration. I use only a small set of urls, easily remembered and set up. For 10s of urls, this is a useful time-saver.

Thanks from Cork, Ireland.

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Near to ideal. Thanks!

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The best way to organize your most used and even age torn URLs.

I am looking for a way to save and export my settings, because I need to uninstall Firefox to re-install it.
If some one know how to save my Super Start profile and stuff, please, tell me...

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Awesome! Thanks for the hard work!

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Gayet sade, kullanımı kolay, karışık bir sürü ayarı yok. Not alma uygulaması iyi düşünülmüş.

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There are different ways of looking extensions and different functionality. I was advised to take a look at Super Start and I feel very surprised how quickly I loved it. Every day I use many tabs and visit many places on the net. With this extension I can group my bookmarks and rearrange them as I wish. Love it!

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I'm really happy that I've downloaded this addon. It does what I need.

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Повечето браузери предлагат тази функционалност от само себе си, не като допълнително инсталирано приложение. Но все пак тук има нов елемент - списъкът от дясно. Харесва ми, защото тук са съчетани две неща - бърз достъп с визуална представа на определени отбелязани страници, както и на бележка, която да бъде активна и да напомня за нещо което е важно и при всяко отваряне на нов таб да ви се набива на очи. Много е добра идеята и приложението работи добре. Браво!

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Like it. It's simple and I can have what I want the way I prefer it.

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Useful, nice, easy to use - great work.

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It's super. You can group all your stuff in a start page and use it very easy.