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  • とにかく便利 

    Firefox Quantumでの対応があればすぐに移行したい
  • working
  • The perfect add-on, thank you!
  • Please make it compatible with >FF 54!!!
  • A great and very useful addon! Please make it compatible with FF 54.
  • This addon is abandoned, and now finally stop working in firefox 54!
  • I've been using this add-on in the past 2 years. Very nice add-on: i like it !
    very nice job: five stars !
  • 这个 插件 非常强大,但是那个 命令面板 搞个 开启开关 就更完美了
  • Is it possible to use right mouse button to cancel the drag?
  • Great addon. But can you make it e10s compatible?
  • 不知道什么时候支持e10s?
  • e10s working alternative :
  • Works as a light version of the classic Easy Dragtogo+.
    Add customizing left and right drags and this will be a new classic add-on with a colossal 5*-rating.

    My settings on the old classic was:
    Text (left drag): search in background tab
    Link (left drag): open in background tab
    Image (left drag): save image as...

    Text (right drag): search in foreground tab
    Link (right drag): open in foreground tab
    Image (right drag): open in foreground tab

    With this add-on I have to chose one of them and it's a shame that I have to....


    And yes I know about the pop-up thingy where I can drop the text/link and chose background or foreground tab but that's not really better navigating IMO.
  • this is working great. Thanks !
  • Probably the best drag and drop addon i've used!

    Very Efficient: drag and drop to open an image, a link, search google!

    Would be even greater and more efficient for me if you could give us the option to have directly the search engines panel instead of the tree panel.
    I mean: when the text is selected, the serch engines pops up directly instead of having to pass through the tree panel. Don't get me wrong. The tree panel is an awesome idea but as i always lauch search to open in a new tab i don't need it and it makes me take one more step to launch a search. it would be faster for me if search engines appeared directly when i select so i can drag diretctly into them.

    Thank you for your amazing work! It helps me a lot!
  • 有时能用有时不能用
  • This is no longer working properly on Nightly using e10s. I've emailed the author about a month ago with no response. Please, fix this.
  • One of the best
  • This would be so much better if it was possible to set the preferred options and not have that annoying pop-up window get in the way.
    I just want links to always open in the foreground tab and don't want to wast time dropping the link in the correct panel of the popup every time.
  • 延迟 按钮 0ms
  • Cant live without it now.
  • Recently found that QuickDrag has malware and its image dragging is not working. Now switch to superDrag, it's much better and clean! Thanks!
  • I tried most of the other drag and drops after updating FF to v34 but none seem to work anymore.

    This is working and I can now drag and drop images again.
    The only issue is having to drop the images in the pop up menu, it would be better if just releasing the mouse button them after move the image x amount would auto save them.
  • 但是在拖拽带有超链接的图片时,会变成搜索是怎么回事?应该是打开链接才对吧?
  • Other similar extensions were not compatible With my Pale Moon v25 gecko browser, this one worked like a charm. 5/5