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installation failed on android 4.0.4 tablet, latest firefox. error says something like "Could not install addon is not compatable...."
in reply to Jason Barnabe
admittedly i am new to android but i am a long time firefox and stylish user. i installed firefox on my device last month or there abouts and at that time version 20 was the latest. this week i did a google search for greasemonkey and stylish for android. i followed the links to and attempted to install both and neither addon installs "not compatable" error. but other addons did install for example adblock plus for android installed perfectly fine.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.3.2) abgegeben. 

The latest Firefox for Android is version 21. Stylish works with Firefox for Android 14.0 - 23.0 (the higher version represent thinks in alpha or beta testing). Are you using something other than that?