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  • It (most) always give me pages that are relevant to my search.
  • cannot seem to find a stumbleupon'firefox combo that works with Mint (cinnamon.org)
  • By far the best random social surfing toolbar on firefox. To all those, facing problems with the new stumblebar (stumbleupon floating bar for firefox 57+), please uninstall new firefox 57+. Search for any firefox 56 or below version (works perfectly well, no lag, no hang, using firefox 56 since long time without updating) and install this stumble upon full toolbar. Login is easy, surfing is easy, search is easy, connecting with people of your choice, profession is easy.
    StumbleUpon team, if you are getting this, please update this toolbar... it's quite efficient and purposeful.
  • Let me start by saying that I've been using Stumbleupon for more than 8 years now and It's been the only reason I didn't switch to Chrome or any other browser because the experience of SU was better in Firefox.

    Even though I'm signed in Stumbleupon page, I'm still not singed into floating button. I've tried installing the add-on again, logging out from page and logging back in nothing works. Whenever I press sign-in button on floating part, I'm taken into a new tab with Stumbleupon page, in that page I'm already logged in. Does anybody have this problem?

    (PS. because of this problem I cannot switch back to classic mode as well.)
  • This is now useless. The old stumbleupon toolbar works with Pale Moon browser. Pale Moon is an attempted clone of Firefox.
  • So, Firefox add-on officially dead, since nothing comes for FF Quantum?
  • The login on the site do not work for the floating bar. I love the floating bar!!! =DDD
  • What is the point if it doesn't work with firefox quantum?
  • The toolbar extension hasn't been updated for Firefox Quantum yet. One star is for the atrocious sign in process to use it without the add on. Have to click on 37 squares with "cars" in them, apparently including an invisible 3 pixel one in the far background.
  • What happen to my Toolbar??? This floating button on my desktop SUCKS!!!! i don't want that there... It ends up blocking content that i want to see. It is now in any screen captures that i want to take.
  • not working, disappeared.
  • I'm having problems with "Tools - Toolbar Options - Search&Tagging - Download Favorites". When i click it, it runs but no favorites are downloaded. On windows it runs ok, but on linux, no. Other than that, i like the toolbar.
  • a very long time user to stumbleUpon I use the toolbar all the time and this new update ... In other words it sucks really bad it gets in the way and when i want to stumble I have to go to many steps to do the same thing i use to do. Please Please go back to the old way or give us the option to use button instead of the floating window.
  • Windows Firefox add-on buttons and texts seem normal but in macOS Sierra Firefox, the buttons and texts are so close to each other like they are merged. Fix this please.
    And buttons respondings are getting slower after a while.
    We've released a new version of the StumbleBar that uses the new WebExtensions API and is compatible with newer Firefox browsers. You can find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stumblebar-by-stumbleupon/
  • This is better. Don;t know what you did, but it works again.. Wonderfull...
  • I've been using and loving this addon for years. It's been a great and fun way to communicate with my friends. However, after a recent update, the Addon no longer works. I try to send pages, friends don't receive them. They try to send to me, I don't receive. A real bummer as it's been so awesome up until this point. :(

    I've emailed support at SU about the issue, they have yet to get back to me. Hopefully the addon gets fixed and I can change this review to 5/5!
    We've released a new version of the StumbleBar that uses the new WebExtensions API and is compatible with newer Firefox browsers. You can find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stumblebar-by-stumbleupon/
  • The Addon is now completely useless as a way to share websites with friends. Waiting shares are no longer even displayed in the addon. It's not worth the frustration after using it for 11 years. Once I finally found the list of shares, there are now SPAM shares in there :( Unacceptable!!
  • I am using this addon froma week and Ihave found simple, efficient and usefull too. I have only a small problem ( or question): by clicking on the icons "browse people by interest" or "inbox" on the stumbleupon bar the reply is the error "Sorry, but we seem to have misplaced this page.". Anyone has had this problem?
  • I love Stumble Upon and I use it all the time. There's only thing that's been bothering me for a while now: I want to position the SU-elements next to the address bar (on the right). But everytime I do that, after one or two reboots of FF the SU-elements are back in their own "toolbar", costing me screen-space. I would be really happy about a fix for this problem, so I don't need to readjust the position every few days.
  • StumbleUpon has gone downhill. The developers only classify pornography as adult, but not gory and violent content (typical U.S. morals). The comment pages load slow or not at all and some buttons (like "done" after flagging a stumbler) don't work.
  • I never had a similar issue with another extension. It always manage to reinstall itself without any action on my part.
  • Gets one star off because the ctrl+f11 shortcut doesn't work on linux.
  • Nice, but after many years still to slow to really enjoy.
  • StumbleUpon 4.18 Addon prevents Firefox process from Shutting down. It been happening with vs 35 and 35.0 and before that.
  • Perfect