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Nice "Ribbon" concept, but... please add a feature to not tamper with a users current skin.

The whole point of the add-on revolves around tampering with the user's current "skin". You are meant to use Stratiform with the default theme because it is impossible for us developers to develop an add-on that changes certain parts of the UI without knowing exactly what we are changing it *from*. All themes are not created equal. The power of CSS means they can be constructed in 100s of different ways, any one of which can break Stratiform and we can't do a thing about it without making different changes for every single theme.

So I'm afraid we can't help you there. Even some of Stratiform's other features, like changing tab height, require the tabs to be coded in a certain way and most themes code theirs differently. Only thing you can do to fix this is to use the default theme, as suggested.