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I just upgraded from FF 3.6 today, and that's the first thing I was very annoyed by - no status bar where I could see the links addresses. Then I noticed that I do have that, but it pops-up. That's just stupid. So, I searched for "firefox status bar" and here I am. As soon as I installed it, it worked exactly how I wanted it to work! :) I didn't have to tweak anything! But I'm going to see what's it capable of now. Thank you so much for this add-on!!! Cheers!

Teams of people make bad decisions and programs. This is one of those really stupid decisions. And what about all this changing the back/forward/home/reload icons? They get looking just worse and worse with each FF version. I would so like to have the ones from v3.6 back, too. Now how do I change *only* these icons, not the theme. I hate themes and I use my super minimal and colour-optimised for my eyes XP theme.

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