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  • If Start Page has made searching private with no one tracking me why is it that Tripadvisor showed 'recommended for you - art lovers' just after I had been searching art galleries?
    Hello and thanks for using Startpage. We never save or share personal data of any search AND if you view a website using Anonymous View, the website will only see that Startpage has been there, not you. The only way that a website will be able to track you is if you click on an Ad within your search results. It is important to know that all Ads on Startpage are purely contextual advertising, meaning that they are based on your exact search terms NOT your past search or browsing history; therefore, more likely to be helpful versus manipulative. Perhaps you clicked on an Ad or searched using a different source other than Startpage?
  • Please make it possible to change the settings through this addon, for those who don't keep cookies. The saved setting through a link is not an optimal solution.
    Thank you for your review. We have shared this with our product team who is continuously striving to create simple privacy products. Stay tuned.
  • Please make this add-on customizable within the options menu, make it possible to choose the method, theme, number of results per page, filter, server and all the other things a user needs to adjust. I'm giving you the 5 stars rating as a gesture of goodwill, hoping that you'll be up for the task. I'm asking you to do this because, frankly, without customization your add-on is pretty pointless. At the end of the day it's all about user experience, isn't it? Thank you.
    Thanks for the 5 stars and taking the time to review. We are currently working on customizable features for search. Keep searching with Startpage and we'd like to hear your feedback later next month.
  • This is an excellent search engine !
    Anonymous view is a huge benefit ( by default would be nice ( please )
    Thanks, we appreciate the kind words! At the current time, we don't have plans to make Anonymous View the default option, but we'd like your help spreading the word with the privacy community!
  • Excellent, however less stars because, as others already commented, search customization is not available in the extension, which is necessary if cookies are deleted at restart/not saved at all.

    Please add this functionality to the GUI of the add-on. Thank you.

    Here is a way to do it manually, however with many caveats (no updates, search string not changeable, modifying the extension):
    1) create a searchstring on https://www.startpage.com/search/settings
    2) copy the string starting with "?prfh="
    3) install the startpage add-on, close Firefox and navigate to your profile folder where the extensions are stored (usually something like: "userdata directory"/mozilla/firefox/"profilename.default"/extensions )
    4) copy {20fc2e06-e3e4-4b2b-812b-ab431220cada}.xpi and open the copy with an archive program (alternatively rename it to .zip, then open)
    5) open manifest.json
    6) Look for the line "search_url": and delete everything after "dsearch?query={searchTerms}&" and add your personal string starting with "?prfh=" to it.
    7) the string should look similar to this: https://www.startpage.com/do/dsearch?query={searchTerms}&prfh=enable_stay_controlEEE0N1NsuggestionsEEE1N1Ngeo_mapEEE1N1Nwikipedia_iaEEE1N1Nother_iaEEE1N1Ndisable_open_in_new_windowEEE0N1Ndisable_video_family_filterEEE1N1Nenable_post_methodEEE1N1Nenable_proxy_safety_suggestEEE1N1Ndisable_family_filterEEE1N1Nconnect_to_serverEEEeuN1NsslEEE1N1Nlanguage_uiEEEenglishN1NlanguageEEEenglishN1Nwt_unitEEEcelsiusN1Nnum_of_resultsEEE20N1Nlang_homepageEEEs/default/en/
    8) save it (rename the zip to xpi again)
    10) start Firefox and uninstall the startpage add-on

    Technically we have a working add-on now. However Firefox disabled unsigned add-ons for security reasons. So the add-on can't be installed.
    9) navigate to "about:debugging#addons" and click "Load temporary Add-on". Now you can add your newly created extension and see if you did everything right.
    10) However after each restart of Firefox the extension will be deleted. There are multiple ways to prevent this, however none is really secure/ideal. I chose to upload the new add-on as private add-on here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/submit/ . This signs the add-on officially by Firefox and only let's you download it instead of making it available for others too.
    11) Disable updates to the extension. (As nothing got modified in the package except the url, i am unsure how the add-on will behave if there is a new update from startpage. Either it won't install or the private search string will probably be deleted.)
    12) Check regularly for the official extension to be updated and include this functionality. This workaround is not ideal, as it is unfair towards the developers to use a modified version of their extension
  • Works perfectly, does exactly what google does just without any trackers. Can be slightly slow when far from US or EU servers tho.
    Thanks for the review - working on speed... stay tuned.