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  • I loved it, even if the only thing that worked after the second (third?) Spore.com website change was the comment remaining character counter. I made the mistake of uninstalling this addon when I upgraded to FF v3.5, having forgotten that the counter was part of SporeScope. I went in to reply to comments and saw that it was gone... now I'm kicking myself! I'm lost without that counter, and of course the older version won't install on v3.5.. Any chance for an update in the near future? This is (was) a huge help, and I'd love to have it back. :)

  • Love it, or rather loved it.

    The website has been updated since this add-on's release and it no longer functions on the website.

    Eagerly awaiting version 1.0.4 or 1.1.0...

  • unicorns are my favorite

  • Any new versions coming? will it lose its experimental tag anytime soon?

  • Can someone please explain how to use this frikkin thing? I don't see it anywhere.

  • oh wow! thats awesome! good work! ive always wanted to know more about the creatures, and thought it was dumb they didnt have it on the site. 5 stars!

  • Hi Immortius - I run xSpore.com, if you would please get back to me by emailing me at gary@garysimon.net I would like to discuss adding SporeScrope as a custom section on xSpore.com. Thanks.

  • It has really increased my game play experience. Wish the parent/child section was still working.

  • wonderful work Immortius !!!

  • can't wait to see what other goodies you add. its all great so far!

  • The new "comment characters remaining" is incredibly useful. Much thanks for doing this!

  • Yes, very interresting module =) Keep up the WONDERFUL work !!!

  • I love this tool.

  • This is wonderful! Please continue to improve it.

  • love it great job

  • Seems to work well, not always correct on parents vs. childern, but sure thats on there end. Over all great :)

  • Looks interesting. I'm curious about some things, though. First, what's this "parent" and "children" display? One of my creatures shows that it has a "child", which doesn't look copied or anything... so what is it and how's it determined? Also, how do you get the user rating value?

  • Not quite working right, the spore DNA costs are incorrect by 100 points.

    Unable to verify the other data presented, but it looks good.

    Not bad, can't wait to see it when you're finished.