354 Bewertungen
  • Best. Helper. Ever! How Matt and his crew do this for nothing is a testament to the willingness of specialists and experts to create and improve a product with quality, not profit, first in mind. Thank you, all!
  • Extensions works but its got a very annoying habit of losing my settings. It would be nice if the default is sensible like including blocking sponsored posts for a start.

    I am looking at switching to PB Purity because its default block sponsored posts.
  • I'd never use facebook without this extension.
  • Since today sponsored posts are visible again, even though I have the filter turned on.
  • Is there a way to force a Kanji? because facebook treat it as a "special character"
  • I have used this extension for years and won't go on Facebook without it. It is, without doubt, the only way to make Facebook palatable in my opinion. I can keep out political posts or racist posts, all with a few keystrokes. A must have for me.