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  • I had given-up on FaceBook because most of my posts were 'sponsored' or 'suggested' or some other FB crap. I couldn't see what my friends were doing. Socialfixer cut-out 95% of the spam. You have to bear in mind that the Zuckers are constantly trying to stop Socialfixer working on FB, so it has to be updated often.
    I recently reloaded Firefox, forgetting to reactivate Socialfixer, and was surprised at how much FB shite swamped my site within a day. I would not use FB without Socialfixer.
  • It works but partially. Some features like filtering sponsored links do not work.
  • Try to get the updated social fixer for FB and it doesn't download or update automatically and/or there is no download button on the social fixer site. You want us to update and leave us no way to do so. dbeauvais04620@peoplepc
  • I wouldn't even use facebook without this.