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If I open FF (20.0.1) and there are tabs from the last session with YouTube or other videos, all start playing at once and I have to pause the videos manually one by one.If I open a video from YT in another tab, this add-on doesn't work either.If I open a video in the same tab, the video just starts to play and then stops at once (I can live with that).I wonder how long it will take the various video hosting sites to understand that there are many people who don't want autoplay and/or prefer to have an option to toggle it.But at usually it looks like "usability" is a foreign concept for those muppets at YouTube. *grumbles*

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I'm considering to remove this add-on because it doesn't do what it's for.
1. Stopping Autoplay does/doesn't work on a seemingly random basis When I open 3-5 YT videos in background tabs, at least one plays without being started.
2. Buffering doesn't work at all - some videos are buffered only partly, some not at all. Either way, the progress bar on YT is almost never shown.
3. Setting the video size does not work AT ALL. I want the maximized (not full screen) view as standard size, so I set it in the options for SmartVideo, but this option seems to be completely ignored. It actually never worked since I tried SmartVideo the first time (which was more than a year ago).

The last feature is actually the main reason why I installed SmartVideo in the first place. I've now deactivated the plugin at long last and will check it after the next version has been released. If maximising the video doesn't still work then, the plugin is history on my computer and will remain so.

2012/23/01: Tried again for good measure. Doesn't work. Kicked it.

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