@spiron13 Actually it only partially works Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I have Chrome and the SmartVideo for it works perfectly. My FF version however...only works part of the time but only when I have a few YouTube videos open. If I load a previously saved session with like say 10 YouTube videos of the tab I'm on will work. the rest of the videos don't work (by this i mean the following all occurs at once: starts running instead of buffering, ignores the saved bandwidth option, and the pop-up box does not appear). If I open up new YouTube videos theirs like a 40/60 chance it will work. I usually have to clear my history (cache, cookies, website settings etc) before it works normally again and even this is only temporary. Like others have stated with started, for me at least, with FF 20.0.1 and 21.0. PS a fresh Firefox with 0 user settings still gets the same issues.

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