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First - let me just (sort of) second what Neil79said ('Good but buggy')..specifically about the pop-up control panel and what was said in response: It DOES pop up, BUT, as was said by Ashish, there IS an option to get rid of it.

The ONLY problem (and my reason for saying this) is - it's not in an intuitive spot. I KNEW it was there - somewhere, but, even though it was practically STARING back at me, I just didn't see it. I had to do a 'find' for 'popup' to see it. My suggestion to Ashish: either re-word this option, or - better yet - put it in a more conspicuous place (the top/bottom of the lists).

I got this addon primarily for my friend who's staying with me, but, for some reason is having YouTube start/stop on him, and it's very irritating (even though I've got a high-speed 14mps...(KIDDING!) modem. Since he got it, he's not said anything (a good thing) about his connection being wonky.

A very good, stable addon that does what it's supposed to do, simply.

I also like Ashish's interaction with us users.

Very commendable!

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