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  • The whitelist ("blacklist") method disables all sorts of useful services like web.archive.org. The blacklist ("whitelist") didn't work with the simple pattern "google.com/url". Some potential here.
  • It works well with one exception. The dev uses the terms blacklist and whitelist an odd way. With this addon, the blacklist is actually the whitelist and the whitelist is the blacklist. It took me awhile to figure out the terms were mixed up.
  • Perfecta para sitios corsarios *guiño guiño*
  • Useful to defeat at least some of the omnipresent trackers. Also speeds up browsing as it avoids a useless (redirect) request.
  • While the author has my gratitude for creating it, I'm afraid it impedes the natural web browsing experience. There are a lot of websites that need to be added to the exception list and the author on Github has said that he won't be doing it. Ordinary users have to spend an hour configuring this add-on, and in the end, is it worth the effort?
  • Makes browsing faster *and* more private. If only I could have it on Android -- it would be fantastic for slow connections.
  • Awesome addon! Can I make a simple yet useful suggestion? I'd suggest swapping the labels of "Blacklist" and "Whitelist". It's contrary to how they're typically used.

    Normally, things that are whitelisted means that nothing is applied or done to them, which is essentially what's happening to entries added to the current "blacklist".

    But other than that, great addon! The notification pop-up is very useful, as sometimes it can be confusing why a website didn't function like expected, for example, using Google Images to search-by-image-URL, instead of searching, the image will instead open in a new tab. But the pop-up makes it easy to know what happened, and then I was able to whitelist the Google Image search (same thing with Google Translate, and also Archive.org + Archive.is).

    Keep up the great work!
  • Más que exelente, no es perfecta. Pero mucho no le falta para serlo
  • To the developer: marry me!
  • 4-star rating +1 to offset the user who gave it 1 star

    it's a good extension, but i wonder if the blacklisting process couldn't be improved? be nice to click/right-click the icon and see a list of domain parts that could quickly be added to the blacklist...