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  • Más que exelente, no es perfecta. Pero mucho no le falta para serlo
  • Дополнение не плохое, но не все сайты адекватно оно обрабатывает.
    Приходиться вручную добавлять их в чёрный список, о чём собственно и предупреждалось в описании аддона.
  • 4-star rating +1 to offset the user who gave it 1 star

    it's a good extension, but i wonder if the blacklisting process couldn't be improved? be nice to click/right-click the icon and see a list of domain parts that could quickly be added to the blacklist...

  • It's not working anymore.
  • Works exactly as the description says. Note, though, that some sites will break! It's easy enough to add these to a whitelist or temporarily disable.
  • It is works!
  • A definite must have extension along with uBlock Origin & Decentraleyes. I started using this recently when I was redirected by Putlockertv.to to a pop-up/under that managed to put a virus on my computer that everything I have completely missed until I used ESET's online scanner to get rid of it. This absolutely is the only thing I've come across that really works in deflecting this increasingly annoying bug bear. I really hope the developer continues to maintain this, wouldn't surf without it and a big thank you... 5/5
  • 装上立即解决问题,赞!
  • Works good, and I don't really have any reason to not recommend it. However, ***expect something to break.*** For example, the Wayback Machine will end up taking you to the normal version of the page when this addon is enabled. Although, there's a blacklist for that, so it's completely avoidable.