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Der Entwickler dieses Add-ons bittet darum, dass Sie die weitere Entwicklung dieses Add-ons mit einer kleinen Spende unterstützen.

Warum wurde "Simple Green" geschaffen?

I really enjoyed this theme from the first moment it was offered as the default theme for Netscape's last Mozilla client development venture, Netscape and Messenger 9. The icons are professionally crafted to provide a clean minimalistic user interface. When Netscape decided to end support of these clients, I requested and they approved of me taking this theme and porting it to both Firefox and Thunderbird so that it could live on and be enjoyed by many others who had also enjoyed it and, hopefully, other Firefox users who would also find it appealing. The original author of this theme is Andy Fraley, see http://www.andyfraley.com/media/AndyFraley-Resume.pdf

Was kommt als Nächstes für Simple Green

I've recently added updated versions of this theme to AMO (in sandbox as of this writing) for Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3.0.1.

Über den Entwickler

Name Sailfish
Homepage http://projectit.com/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 6 Add-ons
Durchschnittliche Bewertung der Add-ons des Entwicklers Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Wer ist Sailfish?

I am a long-time Netscape and Mozilla advocate and am honored to be accepted in both Netscape and Mozilla Champion organizations. I have both authored and resurrected many defunct add-ons over the years starting with the original Netscape Theme Contest winner, Sky Pilot, to others like Toy Factory, Mozillium, original Mozilla Modern, &c.<br/><br/>Outside of Mozilla, my career spanned from working in aerospace in the EWS/ECM field and then in the CAD/CAM field.