Great Addon Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I cannot understand some of the crappy reviews some people have been leaving! This addon, gets better and better with each update, and it does get updated. Not like some addons that just get left unmaintained. Yes this does have a toolbar and a sidebar, but nothing that you cannot turn off if you don`t like them or even toggle them for when you do need them as there is some cool stuff once you understand how it works. You can just have it setup by right clicking on your firefox Menubar and selecting customize and drag the similarweb icon were ever you want to place it, then there's no sidebar and toolbar for you to look at, you can just browse around as normal and when your on a good site, click the icon you've just added and a drop down of cool sites appear, what more can you ask for. The new toolbar that's just come with it is also another cool feature. You now not only have similarsites but you also have the listed topsites, so again, all your getting is the best sites for what ever it is your looking at! You could be on a page learning tutorials, instead of going back to google and searching for more tutorials, just click the toolbar,sidebar or even the icon and you`ll get a list of more cool sites right in front of you, saves allot of searches and not only that, some of the sites that are listed i would of probably never found to start with. People need to give this more of a chance rather then just installing the addon and after a few mins because it didn't find what they were looking for end up uninstalling it. Give this addon a chance guys it is really good. If your looking for cool sites to add to your bookmarks, then give similarweb a shot. Brilliant addon. Keep up the great work guys and ignore the haters, there's plenty of peeps out there that still appreciate your hard work.


Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.1.3) abgegeben.