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I have just downloaded tonight to shorten links to share on Facebook. It is working great. Thank you very much. :)

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just super!

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Simple and efficient tool for url shortening. Love it!

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a very useful and simple settings addon. Thank U.

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Why doesn't this have a icon? It looks ugly and out of place :( Please give it an icon similiar to that of Chrome's Bitly extension.

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Works fine on Mac, thanks.

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It works well. To Rachmania, you have to authorize to use the app in the options menu then it works.

There should be a tutorial that shows that. I always go to the options menu of an add-on before saying it doesn't work.

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I would give this less than 1 star, as it does not work at all in FF31, despite assurances that this was compatible. Very disappointed.

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Excellent work. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot for the Review

Thanks. It feels great when people post reviews.

Works great, but no icon for "Copy to clipboard" in FF29? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've used this addon happily for quite a while now. The only feature I really use, though, is the "Copy to Clipboard" option (not any of the specific share methods like Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It is a fantastic shortcut for sending the URL for the current page to a friend ... a real time saver!

However, since upgrading to FF29, I no longer have the icon either in the Addon Bar (which I've added back) or anywhere else when only "Copy to Clipboard" is enabled in the Shorten URL options. If I enable other options, Twitter, Facebook, etc., those icons DO appear in my toolbar. But, I would love to have the icon for "Copy to Clipboard" (that used to be in the Addon Bar) back! Some pages, notably Google Maps, don't allow right-clicking to bring up the context menu!


-- UPDATE --

With thanks to the developer's quick response, I did get "Copy to Clipboard" as an icon again. For some reason, the "Copy to Clipboard" icon was not appearing in the "Customize Toolbar" window. I removed this add-on, restarted Firefox, and reinstalled this add-on. The icon didn't automatically appear in any toolbar, but this time the icon DID appear in the "Customize Toolbar" window so I was able to drag it to my Addon Bar, where it used to be.



The Copy to Clipboard option is no different from other icons which this addon adds. After upgrading to FF29, it should have automatically been added to your toolbar. Looks like you even tried disabling it from options and adding it again.

1. Can you try removing and reinstalling this addon. Hope this issue is resolved quickly.
2. Right click on toolbar and click "Customize", you should see the icon in the form of text "Copy URL to Clipbaord" somewhere on the screen. Drag and drop this in your toolbar.

Lets hope your issue is resolved quickly.

Broken in FF 29? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Since updating to FF 29, I'm no longer seeing the Share it item in the context menu. Since the Addons Bar went away, there's no back-up method for using this addon. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your feedback. Both the scenario you described work on my machine (Win7 + FF29.0.1). Which OS do you use?

Regarding the icons in addon-bar. Go to Shorten URL addon options and uncheck then check the checkbox corresponding to the icon which is not visible. The icons should show up on your normal toolbar.

There must be another addon on your machine which is hiding the right click menu item for my addon. On my machine it appears successfully.

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nice addon as I was using the older bitly sidebar tool, but it appears that bitly has made some changes so that no longer works and their bitmarklet is kludgy to say the least
is there a way to share via gmail and twitter at the same time. I don't like having to go to so that I can tweet what I just sent via gmail. if I check the Gmail url box what does that do? tia


Thank you for your rating.

At the moment, this addon does not support submitting to multiple sites with a single click. You will have to leverage capabilities built into apps like linkedin to resubmit your post to twitter, facebook, etc.

Works fine Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Works good. I like it very much. Thanks.

Thanks a lot

I really appreciate the high rating and the kind words for my addon.

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Could not figure out what user name or password is required to authorize bitly. I don't want to use FaceBook or Twitter.

Bitly username is required

Please go to and click "signup for free".You can login using Facebook, Twitter or create a bitly login.

For bitly login all you need to enter is a username, email address and password. You can create one and use it if you do not want to link bitly to facebook or twitter.

Hope this helps.

what a shame. Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Thanks for making this, but why is it so complicated? i'm surfing the internet. I land on a page that i want to convert to a bitly url. I just want to right click on the address bar and convert/shorten the url to a bitly url, and have it be auto copied to my clipboard. Done. Now i can paste it as i wish. I hardly ever bitly an in-page link. I reviewed your help, your site etc. and i still don't get it. I will change my review if you can simplify this thing. 2 stars for effort.

Right click on the page

Users have requested ability to click and shorten links hence this feature exists.

Right clicking on the page background will shorten the page URL and copy it to clipboard. You can also add the toolbar icons and use them to shorten and share/ copy URL.

Hope this clarifies why my addon works the way it does.

Great -- but "Shorten/Share" option no longer appears in my main context menu Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Anyone else having this problem? Is this a known conflict, or is there a Firefox setting that might be interfering? Thanks!


Whats the problem?

Can you please describe the issue you are facing? What is the conflict you have noticed?

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This is a great tool that simplifies issues and ensures that the shortened URL is available when needed.

I love this.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for this great review. Really appreciate it.

You know what would make this really useful? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

If you could right-click on the icon and it would copy your email address to the clipboard.

not sure what you want

Interesting suggestion. I will keep it in mind. Will try adding it in a future release of my addon.

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Izuzetno dobro za deljenje! Bravo!!!

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for the review. Its appreciation of users like you that keeps me going!


Confusing (may be less) Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

It is fine to right-click on a link on the page and copy the short URL, but I have not been able to find a way to shorten the current page URL. Also, why do I see instead of although I put a check mark next to "Use bitly shortening"?

If I find the answers to these I may revise my rating, but currently it is not of much use to me.

Addendum after developer reply, thus (may be less) addition to the title:

I see how it can be done now, but it need not be that hidden. On the second point, I stand corrected.Based on the current state of usability, I will increase my rating by one more star to 3. If you could add a button on the toolbar which can be used to copy the current URL I will revisit the review. Copying the shortened current URL should be simpler than looking for an empty spot on the page, right-clicking, then choosing the copy option.

Thank you for quickly replying.

Addendum 2: I have just seen the button on the status bar. If it were there all along, part of the fault lies with me for not seeing it. But part of the fault lies with the instructions under "More" and those added by the developer. Why do I need to click on an empty spot on the page while you could have pointed me to the button!

Ok, I am upping the rating to 4 stars. I hope this review may compel the developer to add better instructions and point at the button to copy the current page URL. That is a gross oversight.

Not so confusing?


1) Shorten page from right click : You can do this using this Addon. Right click somewhere on the page. Avoid right clicking on an image link or some other object. You should see an option in right click like "Share page: Email". Clicking this will share the page url instead of link or image url. How the link is shared (Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is controlled by a setting in options.

2) instead of : Bitly has developed a custom url for mozilla sites. When you try shortening a mozilla link, bitly automatically uses this custom shortened url instead of Same happens for google sites. This is bitly functionality and my addon has nothing to do with it.

Hope I convinced you to revise your ratings :-)

Addendum 2 Response - The icon is the status bar is actually in the Firefox "Addons bar". This is as per the latest Firefox Addon specifications. You can right click on this icon, click "customize" and move it next to your address bar.

I too am not very fond of this addons bar change made in Firefox. We should be able to add a button directly to the toolbar but I am bound by the mechanisms Firefox has provided for addon developers.