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  • I think you must have seo quake tools on your mozilla firefox browser
  • Must have SEO tool!
  • This tool is really helpful. It gave me good insight into my client website http://www.mesotheliomalawyersadvice.com and helped to identify issues. I would surely recommend this addon.
  • Quake's an easy access tool for checking keyword density. It fails the easy to read font test because the font is not easily read, too little contrast with the background. This is a common practice on the Internet; I young web masters do not realize that older folks need easy to read type face. Once they reach 35 years of age they'll begin to understand; otherwise, Quake's a handy tool and worth 5 stars.
  • I really like this addon and its backlink report seems very reliable.

    Good job!!!.

  • SEOquake addon for firefox i s an optimum solution for the analysis of SEO paramaters. With respect to other similar tool, I find SEOquake very useful for the high number of SEO parameters and for the simple visualization of the parametters below each searched link. Thanks
  • Great and friendly
  • This plugin is great !

    just pity it lacking the PR checker feature ...
  • multi results this tools gives very important tool for seo
  • THe best
  • It helps me a lot. Very good add-on for firefox.
  • One of the best and flexible tools for SEO.
  • Excelente herramientas para los especialstas en SEO. Imprescindible
  • Best tool for on-page SEO testing
  • Seo Quaqe is powerfull tools for seo analyzis
  • great tool for seo and complete
  • After last FF update SEO Quake does not work :(
  • Really awesome toolbar. Helped me to earn one million dollars for my new project through affiliate marketing. TNX
  • Best addon for SEO!
  • good, but make mozilla to slow
  • Good!
  • Thanks really help full
  • I am happy using this SEO Tool.

    Thanks, THO CEO iNET
  • I can't think SEO without this ADDON.