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  • plugin gave me some beginners insight into my website. I heard everyone talking about SEO and stuff, and finally I started understanding it. Its a shame they dont have a free version for key words and website crawlers but that's understandable, most of those services are quite expensive anyways
  • Great for getting an overview of a website before meeting a potential client
  • Rất là tốt, ae SEO sài nhé =))
  • tanks
  • Muito bom e detalhado
  • good
  • Adds button, that shows a popup with this text:
    "URL Not Allowed - The website is currently blocked from reviews. "
    No other info.
    VERY useful!
  • Icon is not removed from panel Firefox-44
  • Inutilisable, les infos commencent à se charger dans le panneau latéral, puis un message "Merci de votre visite, avez-vous vu les offres de nos partenaires" et impossible d'accéder à l'analyse sans qu'elle se relance et affiche à nouveau le message bref la boucle...

    Donc perte de temps, extension inutilisable.
  • This is a great tool that I use every day - it's easy to use and provides lots of useful data with actionable recommendations.
  • The tool has almost all factors involved in on-page and Off-Page SEO. You would rarely find a tool this comprehensive.
  • However the extension itself is useful, it made me a lot of trouble for a year. Today I found out it hides some menu points in some sites, e.g. adwords. It was so tricky, since 8 of 10 menu points were visible, and the extension hid only 2 of them. As I unabled it, the problem immediately disappeared.
  • Nice, has a clean interface. Except it is a little annoying having it constantly opening within OmniSidebar. Hopefully they will add an options menu within the add-on menu to change this?
  • Kostenlos und ein guter Überblick über SEO-Kriterien. Optisch gut aufbereitet.
  • web site sahipleri için kullanışlı bir analiz programı. eğer web sitenize seo çalışması yapmak istiyorsanız bu eklentiyi kurmanız gerekiyor.
  • Good addon for tracking your SEO! at least worth a try
  • after woorank.com i recommend this add-on .this dont have an ip restriction.cool stuff .