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Okay, so it seems a couple different factors blocked me from noticing this feature. I had expected cookie removal on exit, but it seems better privacy and sandboxie do a bit of preemptive purging before the browser restarts. As for the flash issues, I've given it some thought and I'm wondering if its the sites security. They don't allow users to have multiple sessions of the site. Doing so causes the flash content to sign out and the webpage to reset. I'm going to try white-listing these cookies to resolve the issue. I managed to get the non-draggable icon to relocate to the bottom left side of the add-on bar. Unfortunately this doesn't resolve the pop-up window position so I'm going to voice my complaint with Mozilla. Appreciate the quick and detailed response.

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Interesting add-on. We are currently discussing this over at wilders security forum. So far I've noted a couple issues, some of which I figure could be resolved with white-listing:

- screen flickering on flash sites, particularly when transitioning to full screen mode. This has lead to flash content hanging and sometimes lagging. It either stutters while buffer or fails to load content.

- seems to be some website lag issues. Probably some additional white-listing needed here.

- The pop-up window placement is really inconvenient and I don't see an option to relocate the icon to the left bottom in Firefox. I can live with the notifications, but a micro display like the one in VT Hash checker would be more preferable to be honest. Part of my issue is that I have other applications and add-ons that use the bottom right of firefox.

- The removal capabilities are questionable. Other cookie managers are still triggering afterwards or upon exit. I'm getting better results by manually purging with better privacy than I am with the automated cookie deletion from SDC.

I'll do some more testing, but these are the issues that I'm experiencing at the moment. Add-on certainly has great potential even in its current state, so I'm giving you three out of five stars.

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Thank you for your report.

SDC will not remove cookies that are still in use by open tabs when the browser shuts down. Instead, it will check if they can be removed during the next time the browser starts up. This is a feature, not a bug. Some people use Firefox's ability to restore the previous browsing session (you may have seen this in action when you restart the browser after an update), and we need to keep their cookies. Simply removing the associated cookies would seriously impact the usefulness of that feature, because they will be logged out of every open site. If you start with a clean session, the old session's cookies will be gone after the browser has loaded anyway. If you insist on emptying your cookie jar each time you close your browser, you don't need an add-on for that. Firefox has that functionality built-in, and that setting will continue to work just fine even when SDC is installed.

As for your flash performance problem, I can't reproduce that here; 1080p videos stream without any issues. Neither can I imagine any way that my code could interact with the flash plugin. Are you sure that this is not some other effect (e.g. normal network fluctuations)?

The GUI elements are standard components that Firefox and the SDK provide. I'd like to keep it that way because every second I invest in maintaining my own GUI code is a second that I can't spend on privacy-enhancing features. If you are determined, you might want to lobby Mozilla about these issues. This way, many add-ons (including SDC) will benefit from your proposal.