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Generally, this is a great addon, thanks for writing it. However, there's one big issue:I prefer to block cookies from all websites except a few whitelisted ones. Unfortunately, right now, the addon does not remove cookies from whitelisted websites.Example:With cookies blocked, I have to whitelist Facebook in order to access it. Now, I would wish for the cookie to be destructed after leaving the website, but the addon takes the whitelist entry as a reason NOT to do so. And even worse: When I try to set the cookie expiry to "after you close its tabs", Facebook is immediately removed from the whitelist, resulting in the cookie being deleted.Would be so great if you could fix this...
EDIT: Thanks for the dev's quick reply; adding a line to about:config did the trick =) Works perfectly fine now.

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There is an unsupported hidden setting that changes the behaviour of the "yellow" whitelist level from allow-for-session to allow-while-open. To enable it, create a boolean key in your about:config named "extensions.jid0-9XfBwUWnvPx4wWsfBWMCm4Jj69E@jetpack.defaultBlock" (without the quotes), set it to true and restart your browser. You can now use the "yellow" setting for sites whose cookies you would like to accept, but still have them self-destruct. I provide this on a "should work" basis, meaning that I depend on bug reports from you and don't do in-depth testing of this mode myself.