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It works great on Firefox and I like the concept.

The only problem that I found is that it doesn't work well with Pale Moon and Comodo IceDragon. The icon on the add-on bar disappears after you restart the browser.

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Re-branded versions of Firefox are affected by two bugs in the SDK: See #851426 and #855651 on Bugzilla. Both bugs have been fixed by now, but since Firefox 21 the SDK libraries that come bundled with your browser take precedence over the ones that I ship with my add-ons.
You can either wait until your re-branded browser is based on a sufficiently recent version of Firefox that includes the fixes (23?), or convince whoever produces the binaries that you run to backport the fixes. There is nothing I can do about that, sorry.
SDC's FAQ recommends trying version (get it from the old versions section). That used to work some time ago, but I don't think this workaround helps with browsers built on recent versions of Firefox.